Chutes and Ladders Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The home screen, showing the three ways to play.
Classic board
Helping this grandma to a park bench lets the player go up.
While spinning the merry-go-round too much sends the player down a chute.
The circus board
It's a good move to have the elephant blow up balloons.
And a VERY bad move to pull a lion's tail!
Playing ball with a seal in a mini-game.
Helping a magician find his rabbit.
The circus "Golden Rule" book, showing all the consequences, good and bad.
The zoo board
Untying this snake would be a good move.
A feed-the-jungle-bird minigame
Navigating a maze to reunite the monkey baby and his mother.
Penguin Concentration - find the other Groucho!
The zoo "Golden Rules"