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atari kombinera

Circle of Blood Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title (US Windows CD version of a game)
You were just drinking your cup of coffee when the cafe went KABOOM!!!
After you've been dragged into a near-death situation, you're up to start investigation on your own.
Hmm... seems like killer didn't escape over the roofs.
Every hero wouldn't be complete if he wasn't on a conquest to woman's heart, so... this is gonna be your better half throughout this game... and the sequels.
So, murderer escaped through the sewers... leaving all these fancy trails behind.
In such situations, it's best to introduce youreself as a detective.
At the police station.
Searching the room of an assassin.
Our hero, hidden in a closet, while killer's at tip of hand.
"Don't try this at home kids! It's high, and it's dangerous."
Perfectly disguised as a doctor... with only a lack of knowledge.
The tripod robbery.
Overtelling your heroic deeds.
Map of Paris, with marked places where you can go and where you were.
In front of an archeological museum.
Spanish adventures with the templars won't be easy at first... but will at second.
Irish conversations... this games contains so much different accents, pretty cool!
George may not be Indy, but he's not some pushover, either.
Going down the dig site in some castle in Ireland (animations usually looks like shown here).
You'll most probably be more time in danger then not.
"Hey!? How's my hair now?"
Whow, somebody take his gun!
Dynamic duo... soon to be discovered... or better yet, uncovered.