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Cities: Skylines Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Map selection
Founding a brand new city on a "tropical" map. Where shall I start?
Building a first road. A very emotional moment.
Zones can be either Residential, Commercial or Industrial. SimCity players will feel right at home.
Building an electric line between the town and the wind turbine.
Night comes and a small town has been born.
The sun is just rising and I'm already building a bridge!
The Fish Stick factory needs more workers. Time for more residential zones.
Boom town!
The landfill quickly becomes necessary to keep people happy.
You can get detailed occupation information about every building.
Keep people healthy with a medical clinic (here in European style).
Building a fire station sure makes people happy.
The city budget - so far so good.
Building a first elementary school.
City policies let you influence the way the people in the city behave.
If you don't have a fire station in town, any fire will end up badly...
Crime seems to be out of control at night.
Reaching a population milestone.
Such a small town on such a big map... so many possibilities.
Big city at night
Concrete jungle
A sprawling metropolis wakes up.
The airport
Public transport can be designed very precisely.
The elementary school is on fire but everything is under control.
Not all of you might fit on that bus.
Strange contraption
Pumping for oil!
Container ship
You can attach the camera to any vehicle and follow it around.
Every human in the city is a permanent "agent" with a unique identity.
Remote suburbs
You wait one hour for a bus and suddenly there are 8 of them. Typical!
City overview. The polluted areas are clearly visible.
City statistics
You can customize any building in the asset editor.
Terrain editor.