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Vandal Online (Nov 11, 2015)
Aunque técnicamente discreto, este título independiente nos ofrece una de las experiencias cooperativas que más hemos disfrutado últimamente.
Destructoid (Nov 14, 2015)
Asymmetric multiplayer is not an easy feat to pull off efficiently. Sure, it's relatively simple to create two gameplay styles within the same game, but to make them blend together to create a unique ebb and flow is something that's not seen too often.
Brash Games (Nov 20, 2015)
Clandestine is a solo or co-op stealth and hacking game set in the post Cold-War espionage world, the game features asymmetrical co-op allowing one player to take control of Katya as the ‘Boots on the ground’ operative and the other takes control of Martin as the hacker, manipulating through the hostile network. The story of the game so far, it is 1996, five years after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, a sequence of murders of veteran Cold War operatives have put the espionage world on high alert. A joint task force between the CIA and FSB is established nicknamed ‘The Kingbridge Executive’ staffed by the field agent Katya Kozlova and hacker Martin Symborski who chase the source of leaks around the western world.
IGN España (Nov 25, 2015)
Lo que propone Clandestine lo hemos visto mil y una veces, pero nunca en el terreno del videojuego. Un espía infiltrado entre las líneas enemigas, trabajando en las sombras mientras escapa de miradas hostiles y cámaras indiscretas. Al otro lado del mundo un hacker que le ayuda dándole órdenes, abriéndole el paso y ofreciendo información sobre lo que encontrará detrás de la siguiente esquina o en la habitación que tiene ante sí. Una propuesta de juego interesante que para desarrollar todo su potencial debe disfrutarse junto a un amigo, convirtiéndose con ello en una de las mejores experiencias cooperativas asimétricas que hemos jugado hasta el momento.
73 (Nov 11, 2015)
Und so sind es vor allem technische Mängel, die Clandestine zu schaffen machen: Das oft unsinnige Verhalten der Wachen zählt ebenso dazu wie die schwammige Steuerung und die schwache Technik. Auch die wenigen Aufträge oder die Tatsache, dass Leichen mit dem Anruf beim Cleaner sofort verschwinden, lassen Jonas Waevers Liebeserklärung an Deus Ex kleiner erscheinen als sie sein müsste. Dabei erschafft er ein inhaltlich umfassendes, spielerisch faszinierendes Schleichen, Stehlen und Spionieren, das sich vor seinem Vorbild nicht verstecken muss. Die Einsatzgebiete sind abwechslungsreich, bestehen sowohl aus offenen als auch abgesperrten Arealen und fordern den cleveren Einsatz vielseitiger Ausrüstungsgegenstände sowie wichtiger Hacks.
Softpedia (Nov 13, 2015)
Logic Artists has also created the interesting Expeditions: Conquistador in 2013, and with Clandestine they prove that they can create very interesting gameplay combinations that will certainly appeal to fans of a particular theme and genre.
DarkZero (Mar 01, 2016)
I had a lot of fun and frustration during my time playing Clandestine and whilst I’m a huge fan of co-op and love to see how it being implemented in refreshing new ways, I still felt like I was playing an early access game, where only the core functionality had been completed, albeit with some pretty strange and often hilarious bugs, such as taking guards out through walls and the most randomly broken cutscenes I’ve ever seen. The story needs streamlining, the characters should be more engaging and maybe the gameplay could use a few tweaks or additions, especially in Katya’s area where I often found myself waiting for my partner to help me with something whilst they were busy rummaging through emails for info. All I can say is Clandestine needs polishing. It has some creases to iron out and whilst I recommend it to co-op lovers, that recommendation does come with a few disheartening caveats.