Claw Credits (Windows)

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Claw Credits


Creator / DesignerGarrett Price
Game and Level DesignChris Hewett, Kevin Lambert, Bill Vandervoort, Matt Wasnick
Lead EngineersBrian L. Goble, John LaCasse
Game Engine and ToolsBrian L. Goble
Game EngineersGreg Kettell, Kevin Stephens
Additional EngineersRachel Blackman, Bill Brooks, Kevin Lambert, Scott H. Pultz, Scott Schlegel
Creative DevelopmentPaul Renault
Art DirectorGarrett Price
ArtistsLeslie Beaber, Israel Evans, Matt Hayhurst, Kevin Kilstrom, Garrett Price, Brian Waite
Background ArtistGeoffrey Kaimmer
Lead AnimatorEmma Vokurka
AnimatorRebecca Bush
Character DesignIsrael Evans, Matt Hayhurst, Garrett Price
ProducerJohn L. Jack
Audio DirectorDaniel Bernstein
Music Composition Daniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore
Audio/Video/ADRJames Ackley
Sound DesignJames Ackley, Daniel Bernstein, Jace Hall, Spencer Maiers, Cassano Thruston, Guy Whitmore
Marketing Jenni Gant
Quality AssuranceIsaac Barry, Mike Cody, Lynne S. Dayton, Rodd Karp, Gary Pope
Director AnimatorDonald Wallace
2D AnimationEd Anderson, James Bradrick, Ken Mundie, Donald Wallace
Computer Animation and EffectsPeter Campbell Freeman
Storyboards/LayoutsEd Anderson, Ken Mundie, Donald Wallace
BackgroundsLonnie Smith
Digital Ink and PaintKelly Rose
Assistant Animation / CleanupPeter Nguyen
IllustrationBill McConaughy, Stephanie Sherwood
Featuring the Voice Talent ofJohn Armstrong, Daniel Bernstein, Treena Burton-Bernstein, Toby Gladwell, Brian L. Goble, Jace Hall (as Red Tail), Louis Lujan, Rick May, Jenny Price, Rodney Sherwood, Traci Timmons, Stephan Weyte (as Claw)
Special Thanks ToBryan Bouwman, Wayne Burns, Todd Clineschmidt, Mark Forsyth, Steve Herring, Gary Kussman, Eric Minamoto, Patti Pudinski, Lynn Rott, Mike Shannon, Peter Thomas, Jim Totaro

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5342)