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Clive Barker's Undying Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Outside Bethany's cottage
Impressive waterfall
A huge monster
Bethany's land of eternal autumn
Notice Bethany behind Patrick....
Interior of the mansion
First glimpse of the cursed mansion
The ruined monastery as seen with the naked eye.
The same monastery view with the aid of the scrye spell.
The lovely Lizbeth Covenant
One of the quieter sections of the dimension Onieros
Hasn't anyone ever told you it's bad form to dismember the help?
Blue, Paul Bunyon's Ox makes a guest appearance.
The Butler reveals his true, terrifying nature. Or not.
Battling the mad monks for the scythe of the celt.
The lovely Lizbeth does a little table-dance for you before ripping out your throat.
The invoke spell compells one of Ambrose's Tsranti minions to reluctantly eat the mean end of his own revolver.
Ambrose experiences the unfortunate conseqeunces of putting too much calcium in orange juice.
If you thought Undying Ambrose was bad, wait until you meet Mutated Undying Ambrose!
Do you really want to tell a 900 pound killing machine that it's got bad breath?
Keisinger helps you battle the Vassago atop the Oneiros Ziggurat.
Magical duel with your bitter rival, Otto Keisinger
What an awful ugly crud-faced little piece of... he's right behind me, isn't he?
Fighting a tribesman inside Bethany's room.
Ambrose is perhaps the most disturbing of all the Covenant siblings.
After hours of creepy atmospheric monsters, Undying fizzles out with a climactic battle against Klingon-spouting neanderthals.
Bethany, the most powerful of the Covenant siblings
WHAT? You were expecting Elvis?
Aleister Crowley gets dissed!
Ruined monastery
Looking back in time.
Monastery courtyard
A place of haven?