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Close Combat: Gateway to Caen Credits


Project LeadBartshe Miller, Koen Bekkema
Development LeadSteve McClaire
GraphicsKoen Bekkema, Bartshe Miller
Manual ContentSteve McClaire, Bartshe Miller
SoundBartshe Miller
TestingChristopher Abreu, Kamyar Afshar, Bungarra, Mike Dundas, Evan Farrell, Stefan Göterheim, hero1991, Hexagon: J.D.S, Dany Houart, Michael Gray, Matt Hyra, Juan Jiménez (olafvik), KG_Werfer, Yubi Kim, Toni Mickiewicz, Lucas Moura, Platoon_Michael, Mitch Reed, Mariano Rodriguez Sanchez, Mike Steil, Pete Wijnhoven, Ian Wilshaw
Tools DevelopmentManfred Fischer
Additional ContributionsLewis Barton (TheImperatorKnight), Adrian Hunt, Benedikt Wöppel


ChairmanJ. D. McNeil
Development DirectorIain McNeil
ProducerTamás Kiss, Alexander Stoikou
Operations DirectorErik Rutins
Technical DirectorPhilip Veale
Marketing DirectorMarco A. Minoli
Creative DirectorRichard Evans
Public Relations ManagerOlivier Georges
Community ManagerBart Schouten
Art LeadClaudio Guarnerio, Myriam Bell
QA & Production AssisantAndrew Loveridge, Gerry Edwards
AdministrationDean Walker, Liz Stoltz
Customer Support StaffPaulo Costa, Joseph Miller
Web DevelopmentValery Vidershpan, Andrea Nicola, Fernando Turi
Spain Territory ManagerJuan Díaz Bustamante

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rainer S (124087)