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Close Combat: The Longest Day Credits

Strategy 3 Tactics

Father FigureShaun Wallace (Sulla)
Project ManagerSean Drummy
Project LeadJim Martin (RD_Oddball)
Lead DeveloperSteve McClaire (The Blood)
GraphicsShane Cameron (SouthernLand), Jim Martin (RD_Oddball), John Ross (RD_Gen_Jack)
ManualSteve Mayville (RD_Knights_X)
S3T Intro VideoFrancisco Arias (Nembo)
TestingFrancisco Arias (Nembo), Andrew Bruce (zon), John Davidson (Reboot), Mark Hoffrichter (Q.M.), Steve Mayville (RD_Knights_X), Bartshe Miller (Cathartes), Neil Nello (CSO_Linebacker), John Ross (RD_Gen_Jack), Darren Tejszerski (Tejszd), Andrew Williams (Schrecken), Ian Wither (Russ109)
Tools DevelopmentManfred Fischer (Mafi)
Additional ContributionsFrancisco Arias (Nembo), John Davidson (Reboot), Dicky Octavira (Squandleader_ID), Mark Hoffrichter (Q.M.), Ljubo Komlenovic ([email protected]), Dominique Lege (Dom), Bartshe Miller (Cathartes), Neil Nello (CSO_Linebacker), John Ross (RD_Gen_Jack), Darren Tejszerski (Tejszd), Andrew Williams (Schrecken)

Matrix Games

Executive ProducerDavid Heath
Associate ProducerErik Rutins
Box & Logo DesignMarc von Martial
Manual Design & LayoutMarc von Martial
Public Relations & MarketingSean Drummy
Production AssistantGregory Wilcox
AdministrationLiz Stoltz
Distributor Sales ManagerRoss Jepson
Business Development MangersKarlis Rutins, Lance Stoltz
Serious Games Project ManagersShaun Wallace, David Heath
Customer Support StaffDaniel Heath, Alex Fiedler, Andrew Williams
Forum AdministrationAndrew Williams, Marc von Martial, Erik Rutins, David Heath, Paul Vebber
Web-Database Design & DevelopmentAlex Fiedler
Network & System AdministratorMike Vahan
Network & PC SupportRon Duquesnel
Quality Assurance LeadErik Rutins
Very Special ThanksRon Tedesco, Debra Pugh, Renee Schoenfelder, Marti Nagy, Bob Lippman, Thomas Heath, Yvonne Heath
Matrix NexgenAlexander Rutins, David Vebber, Megan Vebber, Andrew Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Austin Stoltz, Noah Stoltz, Cameron Eckenfels, Hannah Eckenfels, Heidi Fiedler, Erik Conkling
Our StrengthWe thank God for giving us the ability and strength to complete this project and follow our dream. We also like to thank our families and friends for giving us their non-stop love and support during this project

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Credits for this game were contributed by Nembo (373)