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Close Combat: The Longest Day Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Command Menu - Battle Selection
German Battle Group Unit Selection Screen
Deployment Phase before Battle
A German panzerschreck team manages to destroy an Allied Sherman.
A zoomed out view of the battle.
A German tank destroyer fires on an Allied tank from afar.
Their tank immobilized and damaged, the Allied Tank Crew runs for safety.
The Debriefing Screen, showing the outcome of the battle.
Soldier Screen shows the panzerschreck gunner Bleimeyer's stats and awards.
Campaign Map - During campaigns movement orders can be given to battlegroups to attack adjacent maps controlled by the enemy.
During a night time battle, German soldiers momentarily find themselves caught in the glow of an American paratroopers flare.
The scenario editor where players can make their own battle scenarios.