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Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein Credits

36 people

Strategy 3 Tactics

Father FigureShaun Wallace
Project ManagerAndrew Williams
Lead DeveloperSteve McClaire
GraphicsJim Martin, Neil Nello, Andrew Bruce, John Ross, Shane Cameron
Manual WriterSteve Mayville
TestingSimon Chawner, Mark Hoffrichter, John Davidson, Patryk Ntuk, Carter Bartee, Brian Ferris, Earl Thomas Ross Jr., Chaim Krause, Joe Champion, Albert Erese, Darren Tejszerski, Steve Mayville, Andrew Bruce, John Ross, Ian Wither
Tools DevelopmentManfred Fischer
Additional ContributionsMark Hoffrichter, Eli Precht, John Davidson, Vic Boutillier, Darren Tejszerski

Matrix Games

Executive ProducerDavid Heath
Associate ProducerErik Rutins
Box and Logo DesignMarc von Martial
Manual Design and LayoutMarc von Martial
Public RelationsSean Drummy
MarketingSean Drummy
Production AssistantGregory Wilcox
AdministrationLiz Stoltz
Distributor Sales ManagerRoss Jepson
Business Development ManagerKarlis Rutins, Lance Stoltz
Serious Games Project ManagerShaun Wallace, David Heath
Customer Support StaffDaniel Heath, Alex Fiedler, Andrew Williams
Forum AdministrationAndrew Williams, Marc von Martial, Erik Rutins, David Heath, Paul Vebber

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (9337)