Written by  :  Anonymous Gamer (162)
Written on  :  Dec 30, 2002
Platform  :  Windows
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Retarded doesn't even come close...

The Good

The rat-tat-tat of machine gun fire... That about covers it.

The Bad

Everything. It astounds me that self-proclaimed strategy "Grognards" rated this game so highly. There's about as much Strategic depth in this game as there is in a game of tiddly-winks. Where do I start? The AI is absolutely inane. I'm not talking about the realistic simulating of morale, but more specifically, the pathfinding and combat AI. Units will get lost even in the open, taking the long way around. Units will walk right into enemy fire, and pause when they are within grenade range. Your units are lucky to hit ANYTHING at all when just attempting suppressing fire, yet the computer AI has those heat seeking bullets from "Fifth Element"

The Bottom Line

It amazes me that retards who consider themselves "Wargamers" find this game good. I may not have memorized the difference between the range of an MP40 from that of a Garand but I know what strategy is. I didn't need this game to teach me the idea of suppression fire and flanking is. Real world strategies don't work in this game, anyone who says they do is either a liar or a moron, or both. Laying down suppression fire only results in wasted bullets. Enemy AI that is supposedly suppressed has the ability to pick off my guys one by one.

Even though Atomic Games claims their AI doesn't cheat, which sounds like a load of dung to me, the game is obviously slanted in the AI's favor. When playing as the Americans you have a huge disadvantage in accuracy. As the Germans, you're almost always outnumbered, with more Allie units than you would of received had you played the Allies.

Furthermore, enemy units have the ability to pick off tanks from over a football field (or two) away with little or no cover, your units stand helplessly as your armor is destroyed effortlessly. I have never ever shot a panzerschreck, or a panzerfaust in my life, but I can assume as much that if you did shoot one from over 100m away, it would not be an easy shot at all. Nevertheless, the computer nails the first shot EVERY time, and that's all it needs.

I think programmers who make retarded games like this should be lined up and flogged. And flogged twice when you have retarded people singing praises of a clearly inferior game.