Cloud Credits


ProductionJenova Chen (Jenova), Stephen Dinehart, Kellee Santiago
EngineeringErik Nelson (Rick), Glenn Song, Jenova Chen (Jenova), Aaron Meyers
Concept & CG ArtJenova Chen (Jenova)
Music & SFXVincent Diamante
Game & Level DesignJenova Chen (Jenova)
WritingGlenn Song, Kellee Santiago, Vincent Diamante, Jenova Chen (Jenova)
Cover Art & MenuStephen Dinehart (Erin), Jenova Chen (Jenova), Kellee Santiago
Design & Engineering ConsultantJohn DeWeese
University AdvisorTracy Fullerton, Chris Swain
Special ThanksAlfred Au, Michael Brinker, Steve Burg, Scott Fisher, Todd Furmanski, Bing Gordon, Marientina Gotsis, Noah Keating, Kumar Lyer, Jacki Morie, Seung Park, Rina Paz, Mihai Peteu, Jay Riddle, Jen Stein, Mengya Zhuang
OtherStudent created with the Electronic Arts Game Innovation Grant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17562)