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ClueFinders: The Incredible Toy Store Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
All about the Cluefinders Club characters, including their mini-computer/communication device, Laptrap
The fabled toy store, alight with neon
The toy store map, showing the games.
A miniaturized Owen and Joni gaze about the suddenly huge store.
Following directions to plot a route for a toy car
The Cluefinders have to solve a series of equations to get this elevator to move.
The first of several creatures who terrorize the three-inch-tall Cluefinders.
Exploring a system of pipes by following patterns through the tubes.
Placing the correct weight on the I-beam will send a dropped item flying into the junk ball, which may drop something the Cluefinders need.
This time, Owen and Joni are fleeing from a huge spider.
This "dirty rat" was wrongly accused, of course.
To free the rat, or at least gain an item, Owen & Joni must arrange words in the sentences on the right.
A new floor in the toy store
Another huge scary creature! Meow!
Steer this taxi boat around debris and collect the correctly spelled words.
Something fishy is going on in this lab.
Witnessing an argument, never a good thing to be caught doing.
Especially when one party turns on you with a strange...
...shrinking machine! (And stuffs you in a gumball dispenser).
The Learning Launcher Screen