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Clutch Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
This blue sphere refills your energy meter.
A zombie glued to the windscreen.
Scenic view of a demolition derby
Upgrading the car with a new booster.
These bright signs lead to missions.
Collect artifacts for additional money.
A part of the protagonist's diary
You do not need to win each mission to progress, you just get less money.
Sliding through a corner.
New missions and parts unlocked
Head-on collision
Start of a regular race
This one has been taken out.
Racing inside the collider.
There are some zombies to take out ahead.
The jeep is a slower, but sturdier vehicle.
Reaping point
Ride between zombies... Oh, just crush them.
Zombie invasion never been so much fun!
Zombie on road!