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Code Blue Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Logging into Legacy Memorial hospital.
The lounge is the only place where you can relax.
Woo, free coffee.
The nurse's station, where you can find the chart for your next patient.
At the end of each shift, the Chief of Staff grades you on your performance.
My first case; a woman with a dog bite.
That looks like a nasty bite.
The x-ray doesn't show much bone damage.
My dog bite victim is all better now.
Filling out the necessary forms, like prescriptions and what kind of after-care services.
The wrapup. 274 out of 300 isn't a bad score.
The research computer has information on everything, and you can download it to your PDA for reference while treating people.
A blood test.
Using the glove to feel for any abnormalities.
The CT scan shows an enlarged heart, caused by a cocaine overdose.
Monty Rodriguez... he likes hospitals a little too much.
If this case were real, I'd be fired and on the defending end of a lawsuit.
Preparing to insert a chest tube.
Almost broken neck from jumping into the crowd at a concert. Idiot.
Splints are required to immobilize a fractured leg.
This guy shot the person I just operated on. Should I treat him or send him to someone else?
Sometimes you can do exceptional work and get a score ABOVE the maximum.
Ouch! I hate the sight of blood.
IV's and IV Med's help get required liquids into the body.
This woman is paranoid because her daughter swallowed something. Probably drugs.
After every three patients, the head of the hospital gives you a review. She's a bitch.
The rooms like quiet and empty when there's no one to work on.
This man, who comes in all the time, was caught trying to steal drugs and supplies.
A lot of the urgent cases are rushed in via paramedics, who give you the lowdown.
Some celebrities guest star, such as this man, who plays Stan in "Sex and the City".