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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 4: The Cain Killer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The episode opens with a funeral of Erica's brother.
Erica and John on a mission three years ago.
Tutorial explains the new feature introduced in this episode.
John and Erica in a flashback.
Entering the warehouse.
Stelios, a criminal in one of Erica's flashbacks.
Erica using cognitive abilities to see the past transaction between the smuggler and the Cain Killer.
Unique in this episode, the choices you make impact the affection of other characters toward you.
Your cover has been blown.
John comes to the rescue and kills the only lead on the Cain Killer.
Rushing back to your house, only to realise your brother has been kidnapped by the serial killer, a point where the first episode began.
Cordelia arriving to family's lake house.
At the lake house... looking for a way in.
Cordelia, trying to catch the killer.
Checking for useful weapons in the car's trunk.
An unexpected reaction to Cordelia's kiss.
Episode 4 title.
Rose showing some artifacts to Erica.
Rose's story from the time during Vietnam war.
Rose has many suppressed memories.
Match the correct objects in Rose's memories to help her remember.
A lot of artifacts on this shelf... maybe your cognitive skill can help you find the ones you're looking for.
Combining items to find the clues from the past.
McAdams seem to be dissatisfied with Erica's recent activities.
In the interrogation room.
Skorobeus still has some secrets he's not willing to share.
Time to go rogue.
Breaking out of the FBI.
Erica and Cordelia can share powers when together.
Searching for clues in the lake house.
Checking the photos above the fireplace.
Checking the medical cabinet in the bathroom.
Erica and Cordelia trying to solve a puzzle.
One figure is still missing.
The killer has taken Erica's father.
The police is surrounding the lake house.
Erica is caught by the FBI.
McAdams is taking Erica back for interrogation.
Erica is left with no cards up her sleeve but to take matters into her own hands.
Entering the graveyard.
Back at the place where Erica's brother met his end.
If there ever was a time to trust Cordelia, it is now.
If only catching the killer was this easy.
Cordelia has unfinished business of her own.
Repentance may not be enough to save McAdams, but your choices will.
What a predicament.
Fighting with the killer is done entirely as a comic.
Wrong moves will result in Erica's certain death.
Will Cordelia betray Erica or save her...