Cold Fear (Windows)

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Written by  :  MichaelPalin (1420)
Written on  :  Feb 14, 2006
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  1.71 Stars1.71 Stars1.71 Stars1.71 Stars1.71 Stars

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Average survival horror, sooooo average

The Good

Well, it can't be said that this game has good things, it's so average... Maybe the only contribution to the world of videogames is the kind of see storm simulation it contains. Yes, I mean it, is rather curious and you can play some minutes to enjoy it.

Out of that, the game has nothing more highlight. Actually, I remember why I started playing it. You know Resident Evil 4?, I kind of like its 2nd person style for killing hordes of creatures, and Cold Fear has it too. So, if you are a PC only user like me, and you like this, you can play Cold Fear instead of RH4. This is, of course, a very silly reason to play Cold Fear.

The Bad

Nothing to do in a weekend, and, inexplicably, you only have one game to play, Cold Fear. In that situation you can play it, but you should learn to do more things with your life than playing videogames.

At least, this game is short, very short. There is the whaling ship and a petroleum extracting platform, nothing more. In an orgy of lack of originality, you are a cost guard, that was once a hero (like in Far Cry), that gets on an abandoned whaling ship with more cost guards, but end up alone (like in a lot of other games), and find that the ship is not abandoned. No, there are some kind of zombies (like..., you know); later you discover that the way a person can be transformed into a zombie is like in Alien, and that the transformation can be of different types and there a scientific guy that sees this as a way of becoming into some superior being. In the way to defeating this mad scientist, you meet a girl, a pretty one with hot body, and, as a man must do with recently met pretty girls with hot body, you offer your life in order to save hers. Of course, at the end, you fly away in an helicopter and save the day, after killing the technically invincible beast that now is the mad scientist. At least labels are in Russian.

If you still have some doubts about how this game could be, the key word is "average", is so average that hurts. Enemies are random genetic altered creatures, the localizations are what you can expect from a ship and a petroleum extracting platform with a secret genetic lab in it, the weapons are the usual weapons (some have a red laser and some have a lantern) and the puzzles to solve are, you know, average. This is the "deja vu" game for survival horror game lovers. the most entertaining thing you can do with this game is play with your friends to predict thing from this game, like puzzles, guns, monster appearance and situations, then play in the easiest difficulty mode and every time someone guess something right sum a point. The first one who gets 100 points wins.

The Bottom Line

"How would you describe this game to others?" AVERAGE, XD. You know, when an entertainment industry gets enough big, the companies begin developing products of lower quality just because people will still buy them. This products are totally worthless and usually copies of other more popular products, but with less costs. If 1000 people buy Resident Evil 4, you can expect 5 people to buy Cold Fear just by saying "it's a survival horror, like Resident Evil 4", that's the only reason for this game to exist.

P.D.: I don't actually know if RE4 is better, it's just intuition.