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Cold Fear Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu (the radar blimp is the mouse cursor)
On deck, the weather obstructs your vision.
Thankfully, our hero can read cyrillic
Watch your step when on deck, else you might end up lost at sea.
Typical for consoles, every now and then, the game will offer you to save your progress. You can't do it manually.
Ouch, that hurt.
Sometimes, you can use things to your advantage. The steam will help you detect invisible enemies.
On of the cutscenes.
"Let's burn something!" Good old flamethrower is in as well.
Out of necessity, you'll develop a habit of doing headshots.
You don't want your superior to end up like that, do you?
This situation wouldn't feel out of place in Doom III either.
The automatic camera could often be positioned better.
Every now and then, sickbays and armories make surviving a bit easier.
The still living members of the crew aren't too friendly, either.
Hmm ... alien species in containment? I think I have a deja vu.
The monsters and the crew will fight each other. But once either has gotten the upper hand, they'll jump on you.
I liked the beast better when it was still in containment!
Level Designer 1: "Let's place something uber-gory here!"
How's THIS supposed to fit into the storyline?!?
Typical boss fight: you have to distract the baddie while your woman does the real job tsk. tsk.
And here he comes...
Who needs headshots when you can just stomp on their faces when they are down?
Using the environment to your advantage, here I punctured a gas pipe.
Moody cutscene
The gas crossbow stuns monsters and lures them away from you
or....into specific traps. Such as this giant oven thing...
Flip the switch and voila! Zombie flambé!
Our heroes pondering their only escape route available...
Your in-game menu keeps track of items and objectives
Braving the storm on the drilling platform
Bonus art galleries
Conceptual design samples
It's all over if the face-hugger thingies get you
Got to hit these guys in the arm
Ka-Pow! The money shot
Somebody or something killed all the crew onboard
There's one coming up the stairs
List of gathered documents
Meeting Anna, one of a few survivors on this ship
Guess Anna is of key importance to your command
Upper decks give you more maneuverability, but are filled with monsters
Exploring the cryogenic room
Reaching the captain's quarters
Strong waves and rough sea is constantly rocking the boat and moving stuff around, time your steps
An underwater tunnel