Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen and game title (Russian version)
Main menu (Polish version)
Information about the track (Polish version)
Somewhere in Finland
View from the replay camera
Rally in Sweden
Inside view of a Mitsubishi Lancer
Winter Race
Damages screen
The car fell into a skid before the curve
2 players mode
Damaged Ford Focus in Finland (Replay)
Finished in 1st place
The spectators are all made of cardboard and the ribbons surrounding some parts of the tracks are rock-solid
Super Special stage in Japan (the only stage in Japan in this game)
A sunny day in Sweden
Caution! Jump, then four right
Kenya rally
Speeding through corners in Italy
Town streets in Italy
Replay from above
Cockpit view, raining
UK - mother of rallies
Dirt is very realistic for the time the game was released
Arcade race - cars smash each other, and generally, the AI knows nothing about racing etiquette
Driving my new Subaru in Japan SS
The car needs repairs
Sweden scenery
One of bonus cars in Sweden
Start of the scariest section in the whole Australian rally. And perhaps, in the whole game
Driving through an African village
Scary section ahead -- you can easily loose track and fall into the river
Come on, it's not even a road!
Arcade track in Finland with lots of jumps
Broken and covered in mud car looks really good
Night stage in Finland. That's scary due to high speeds in this rally
Why are you looking at me like this? Am I this small?
Driving a classic 80-s bonus car
I crashed my car but managed to win this SS stage
It's raining (replay)
Racing in fog
I went off track on an unexpected sharp turn
Driving through the wilderness
Logs and waterfall - UK rally (replay)
Gold cup in Expert Rally Championship
Legendary Lancia
Inside Lancia
Fireball cheat
Monster truck cheat