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Colors of War Credits


Version 1.0.Published byeGames Inc.[2000 Cabot Blvd. West Suite 110. Langhorne. PA 19047. www]
Copyright 2001 Brundelock Treasures Inc.
And a Very Special Thanks to You - THE VICTOR!
Special Thanks toKristin Simko (of eGames), Faye Krzewina, Bill Crupi, ML, Chris, Ryan Fleming
Additional ArtworkNathan Trice, Donald W. Vinson, Anonymous Three, Anonymous One, Anonymous Two, James Ford, Andrew R. J. Cremeans, Nikolaus Ingeneri
InstallationBill Crupi (credited as William L. Crupi)
ProgrammingLeo Krzewina
Music and Sound FXArlon Ober
3D AnimationsAnonymous Two
2D AnimationsAnonymous One
Original Concept and Design Leo Krzewina
3D Animations Andrew R. J. Cremeans
2D ArtworkNikolaus Ingeneri

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (175966)