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A quality product Paranoid Opressor (191) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (23 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Game Over Online (Nov 22, 2001)
The game comes with a moderate amount of information including two key-maps for the keyboard and function keys, as well as a well-detailed manual with game play and vehicle information. If you’re like me, the only time you’ll be looking at the manual is during the time the game is installing. The included keyboard maps showing the entire key commands gave me the first impression that the game would be like every other flight simulator and would have me fumbling at the keyboard just to get into the air. This wasn’t the case at all and in fact, after playing the training mission for fifteen minutes, I was a pro Comanche pilot.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec 05, 2001)
Ich hätte nie geglaubt, dass man das unverwüstliche Action-Simulationskonzept von Comanche noch verbessern kann. Doch Novalogic ist mit der unkomplizierten Maussteuerung genau dieses Kunststück gelungen. Mittlerweile verzichte ich sogar freiwillig auf meinen Flightstick - auch wenn das Simulations-Veteranen ungern hören. Klar, so ganz realistisch ist das nicht, doch dank Aufpopp-Funktion via Leertaste und der Möglichkeit, meinen Hubschrauber rasant umzudrehen, habe ich manche Gegnerhorde ausgehoben.
The game was easy to install. It's easy to learn, and has a nice interface. The graphics are great, nice water effects. It has good sound effects too. However, it's a little annoying when you die a lot and hear the commander shouting the same things at you like; Go! Go! Go!. The game ran well in Windows 2000, very stable. It's a very fun game and I would highly recommend it. Only if you have a good enough video card though.
GameZone (Nov 28, 2001)
New chopper combat fans and veterans alike will find many hours of enjoyable and challenging mission play and countless hours of fierce battling with multiplayer capabilities.
GamingExcellence (Dec 10, 2001)
Overall, Comanche 4 is an entertaining experience. Highly detailed graphics and a solid gameplay engine are extremely beneficial. The control issues currently present could be easily resolved in a patch, and this would improve the gameplay in general. If you are a fan of the action or simulation genre, then Comanche 4 comes highly recommended.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 28, 2001)
Novalogic blijft trouw aan de Commanche formule en levert alweer een spetterende flightsim af.
IGN (Nov 26, 2001)
One thing which can be of no dispute is that the switch from a voxel-based rendering engine to one of next-generation powered polygonal bliss is welcome beyond measure. When played on the GeForce 3s and Radeon 8500s the game demands and deserves, Comanche shines with a technically brilliant, realistic, yet polished aesthetic sheen that immediately catapults it to the upper echelons of the PC market in terms of graphical splendor. Gone are poorly developed unrecognizable assemblages of voxels, and in are excessive polygon counts, meticulous detail, sharp texturing, and jaw dropping particle effects.
85 (Feb 04, 2002)
Die Rückkehr des Comanche auf den PC ist wirklich gelungen: Action-geladene Missionen, fantastische Grafik und die durchdachte Steuerung machen Comanche 4 zum Pflichtkauf für Action- und High-End-Grafik-Fans. Auch Shooter-Liebhaber, die gerne mal über den Tellerrand schauen, sollten dem Comanche eine Chance geben. Hubschrauber-Liebhaber hingegen, die auf realistisches Flugverhalten und Simulationscharakter setzen, kommen nur mit großen Abstrichen auf ihre Kosten.
85 (Jan 17, 2002)
Die Qualitäten von Comanche 4 lassen sich in drei Worten zusammenfassen: Action, Action, Action. Novalogics Flieger ist weder eine realistische Flugsimulation noch eine Action-Simulation: Es ist ein hervorragendes Hubschrauber-Ballerspiel. Wer sich dessen bewusst ist, darf bedenkenlos zugreifen.
Gamezilla (Jan 10, 2002)
Comanche 4 is a fraggin' man's flight game. Where the previous installment of Comanche left debates about whether it should be considered a simulation, arcade game, or a hybrid of the two, Novalogic has now unapologetically placed Comanche 4 on the arcade game arena. On the outside, this high tech piece of airborne hardware conveys the presence of the real thing, but anyone other than a weekend warrior is going to notice that under the hood, things are a bit simplistic for an advanced chopper. If Comanche 4 is truly to be an arcade game, why not maximize the fun by adding futuristic weapons and enemies. Perhaps an airborne laser would add some variety. Despite the ultra clean graphics, the boredom factor lies in wait for experienced gamers. I played through most of the Comanche 4 campaign missions in a few days. But, those were a good few days.
PC Action (Dec 10, 2001)
Zugegebenermaßen ist es schon ziemlich unrealistisch, mit einem einzigen Helikopter ganze Armeen auszulöschen, aber solange mir dabei jede Menge Spaß geboten wird und das Ganze auch noch klasse aussieht, schlage ich mich gerne als Rambo der Lüfte durch die Missionen. Vor allem Gelegenheitspiloten und Aquanox-Fans jubeln über dieses Actionspektakel, das kaum Zeit zum Verschnaufen gibt und obendrein so gut wie keine Eingewöhnungsphase voraussetzt. Nur eines muss Novalogic noch lernen: Mit einer anständig verpackten Hintergrundgeschichte ließe sich wesentlich besser Langzeitmotivation gewährleisten. Denn ohne packende Story dürfte der Comanche bei einigen Hobbypiloten dann doch schnell wieder im Hangar verschwinden.
Gameguru Mania (Dec 14, 2001)
If you liked the previous Comanche series or if you are a fan of the action or simulation genre then Comanche 4 comes highly recommended.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec 28, 2001)
In Grasnarbenhöhe mit 200 Sachen durch Canyons zu rasen und dabei aus allen Rohren feuernd Panzer schrottreif zu schießen, hat schon im Original-Comanche 1992 Spaß gemacht. Und das tut es auch in der vierten Auflage noch. Die Missionen sind spannend und bergen viele Überraschungen - zumindest beim ersten Versuch, der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist nicht gerade von schlechten Eltern. Wie schon vor zehn Jahren ärgert mich allerdings eines gewaltig: Warum gibt’s keine richtige Story, wo sind die Zwischensequenzen, wo ist der Held? Wenn Comanche schon der Wing Commander unter den Helisimulationen ist, warum schafft es Novalogic dann nicht, mich auch außerhalb der Missionen an den Bildschirm zu fesseln. Egal, Comanche 4 ist mindestens adrenalinfördernd wie Aquanox und macht mir persönlich sogar einen Tick mehr Spaß.
80 (UK) (Dec 15, 2001)
Comanche 4 is essentially a first person shooter in the skies, best played with a mouse and keyboard, and as such it's not likely to appeal to hardcore flight sim fanatics. For action fans though it can be highly entertaining, particularly when taken in short doses. Disappointingly the Novaworld online support still isn't working, but given the variety and difficulty of the single player missions on offer there should be enough here to keep you busy for at least a couple of weeks, and if you run out of things to kill you can always set up some new scenarios with the mission editor.
80 (Sep 18, 2002)
Novalogic has been an outsider for years now. When almost every other game developer used polygons to build a 3D world, Novalogic continued with their Voxel Space engine. The largest problem was that all the 3D accelerator cards were useless with those Voxel Pixels. But for Comanche 4, Novalogic finally dropped it and went for the standard way of polygons.
GameSpy (Dec 06, 2001)
NovaLogic has successfully blended the fast-paced characteristics of the action game with the technical nature of the flight sim in Comanche 4. Throw in some amazing graphics and entertaining mission design and you have a fun, action-packed title that should appeal to trigger-happy pilots everywhere.
Joystick (French) (Apr, 2002)
Cette fois, c'est sûr, Comanche 4 est définitivement tombé dans l'arcade en proposant un pilotage simpliste et un gameplay totalement dédié à l'action. On se laisse toutefois séduire un temps par sa bonne réalisation, mais on attendait bien mieux d'un titre comme celui-là
Comanche 4 is goed voor fun in korte dosissen en hoewel je het na een tijdje zal opzijschuiven wegens 'allemaal wel gezien', zal je het sneller dan je denkt nog maar eens een keertje opstarten. Als je van actie en explosies houdt natuurlijk.
GameSpot (Dec 04, 2001)
Whether or not you like your flight sims to be in any way realistic, Comanche 4 does a good job of disguising the fact that you're playing a flying version of Serious Sam. The excellent graphical effects, nonstop action, and nominal helicopter content make this a great game to fire up for a while just as a change of pace. Comanche 4 is a good time in small doses, and while you'll quickly get tired of the homogenous gameplay, you'll probably end up jumping back in sooner than you think. That is, if you like to see stuff blow up.
75 (Mar 15, 2002)
En somme, Comanche 4 se veut une simulation d'hélicoptère assez ouverte au grand public. Les puristes devraient regretter son manque de réalisme en terme de pilotage alors que les amateurs d'action devraient quant à eux être satisfaits. Si le tout semble très aisé au cours des premières missions le jeu se corse toutefois rapidement avec un niveau de difficulté assez élevé, ce qui permettra d'équilibrer cette apparente facilité.
Svenska PC Gamer (Jan, 2002)
Detta är alltså inget för simulatorentusiaster, men det var kanske ingen nyhet för den som följt Comanche-serien. Det man får är istället ett slags luftens Project IGI, och det är ju inte så dumt. Jag hade dock gärna sett att man utvecklat sig mer åt något håll än att fortsätta satsa på en kompromiss som inte riktigt klarar av vare sig rå action eller hjärnskrynklande 3D-pyssel à la Janes Longbow 2. För den som vill ha ett snabbt (och ganska svårt) actionspel på tio meters höjd över vacker terräng är detta perfekt. För den som vill ha en realistisk helikoptersim är det bara att fortsätta vänta.
PC Zone Benelux (Feb, 2002)
Na het spelen van Comanche 4 ben ik tot de conclusie gekomen dat het een leuk spel is mo flink de bruterik uit te hangen. Dit is echter een pure fun game, met gelikte graphics, mooi geluid en een goed aanvoelende besturing. Alleen jammer dat het af en toe een beetje teveel de arcade kant op gaat.
Comanche 4 has a consistent coherence about all its design decisions, attempting to create an action combat offering which appeals to the widest range of game consumers. The quality graphics, accessible interface, fun single-player and multiplayer action, and effective sound all combine to make this a very appealing release. While those demanding absolute realistic combat simulations will be disappointed by Comanche 4, the rest of the more mainstream gaming community will find an awful lot to like here. Although not truly outstanding in any single dimension, this offering does not fall flat in any area either. So if you want a worry-free ride in a chopper from which you can wreak untold havoc and destruction, then this release is definitely for you.
While it sounds like a pretty mindless shooter, Comanche 4 can be a lot of fun. The graphics are what you would expect from Novalogic—quite good overall. The missions are interesting and, let’s face it, every once in a while, its a cathartic blast to wade into the middle of swarms of bad guys and teach them the folly of opposing truth, justice, and the American way.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 26, 2001)
Такая игра. Все в соответствии с фамильными традициями — абсолютная простота, легкий ступор, вызванный графической частью, низкая проходимость… ну, вы поняли.
As is, Comanche 4 offers plenty of challenge, explosions, enemies, and missions. Evading Surface to Air Missiles is a harrowing experience. When the SAMs start whizzing past your chopper you'll start sweating. Taking out all of the anti-aircraft defenses, enemy choppers and tanks, and then proceeding to "liquidate" an enemy encampment is great fun. Most missions will require multiple attempts, which makes every successful sortie feel hard-fought and earned. However, since the gameplay from mission to mission doesn't offer much variety, Comanche 4 is best played in short explosion-filled bursts.
Commanche 4's mantra is one of straightforward action. In fact, you're even given plenty of waypoints in missions so you don't lose your way. Although there are some nods to sim-fans, this one is for those with itchy trigger fingers and short attention spans. Be a good soldier and don't bother with a story, just do your duty.
True, there is a nice multiplayer component to take advantage of if you so choose, but is that reason enough to plunk down a wad of cash for something you’re probably going to lose interest in within a couple of hours? Only if you’re T.C. from Magnum P.I.
Comanche 4 bjuder på fartfylld action, men uppdragen är ofta lite för lätta. Dessutom är det trist att Comanche-helikoptrarnas påstådda tysthet överdrivs så till den milda grad att den är helt ljudlös - snacka om falsk varudeklaration. Till sist vore det kul med lite mer pompa och ståt när man klarat ett uppdrag eller en hel kampanj. Men på det hela taget bjuds vi på en trevlig bagatell som skulle passa perfekt även på PlayStation2. Gänget bakom Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix (betyg 4 i förra numret) hade varit stolta över det här spelet.