Comanche Gold Credits (Windows)

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Comanche Gold Credits


Programmed byKyle Freeman
Game DesignKyle Freeman
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
Project ManagementDavid Seeholzer
Technical ManagementJohn Butrovich
Programming SupportJohn Bojorquez, Randy Casey, Mark J. Davis, David King, Eric Milota, Jim Ratcliff, Kent Simon
Associate ProducerWes Eckhart
Mission DesignKeith Butler, Dan Chang, Mat Jennings, David King, Steve McNally, David Merrick, Todd Owens, Troy Sheets, Alicia Taylor
Technical ConsultingSimon Bradley, Andy Johnson, Allen Sakriska (Major - U.S. Army Retired)
Art DirectionKeith Rust
ArtTroy Adam, Daniel Cabuco, Jhoneil Centeno, Lawrence Kevin, Craig Marschke, Michael S. Maza, Rod Parong, Jon Tando, Darren Thorne, Jason Tull
Additional ArtTimothy Higgins, Keith Rust
AnimationDean Fowler
Digital Video ProcessingDaryl Kimoto
Audio DirectorTom Hays
Sound Effects and Digital EditingRichard Adrian, Kyle Freeman, Scott M. Gilman, Tom Hays
Music Composed byJames Donnellan, Scott M. Gilman, Tom Hays, Rik W. Schaffer
VoicesValerie Michelle Arem, Keith Bauer (CWO), Shawn Burke, Oscar L. Galvan (Sgt. USMC-R), Denise D. Howard (Cpt.), Tim Knight, Tony Kotelenets, Howard Lewis (CWO), Michael S. Maza, Christopher McCarthy (Capt. USMC), Jamie Tardif (CW2), Miguel Torrente (1Lt.), James T. Ybarra (CWO)
Manual and Packaging LayoutBrett Wooldridge, Lilliam Dollenmayer
QA ManagementTim Knight
Lead TestingTony Kotelenets
TestingDavid Arranaga, Fred Beers, Daniel Constant, John Graham, Tim Knight, Kevin White
Technical SupportT. J. Busko, Ron De Los Santos, Chris Lauw, Douglas Rothman
Computer MaintenanceGlenn Kronick
Special ThanksJon Hausam, Kris Kraves, James Lamorticelli, Jacqueline E. Lay, John C. Loose, Lee Milligan, Lisa Nielsen, David Pollack, Matthew Ruhl, Tara Stivers, Rozita Tolouey, Karly Young, Boeing Sikorsky First Team

European Office

General ManagerLiz Henshaw
Public Relations ManagerJames Spice
Marketing ManagerJames Spice
AuditNali Thurairajah
Manufacturing ManagerSilvana Dulling
Product ManagerJennifer Wyatt
Account AssistantSam Patel
Computer MaintenanceMichael Movel
Sales ManagerPaul Rebhan

German Version

Localisation ManagerBianca Normann
TranslationTextFarm, Rolf D. Busch
Voice Recording & EditingStudio M&S
Documentation LayoutClaudio Georgi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Troy Adam (38), Indra was here (20902) and formercontrib (159487)