Combat Mission: Shock Force - NATO Credits


Module LeadCassio Lima
Game DesignCharles Moylan, Stephen Grammont
ProgrammingCharles Moylan
3D and 2D ArtCassio Lima, Vanessa Campos
Additional 3D ModelingBruno Cesar, Paulo Rodolfo
Voice TalentAlex Munnik, Gerrie Noordermeer, Michel Koning, David Sluiter, Max von Bargen, Martin van Balkom, Lex Schwier, Philip Chan, Mohammed Kammouna
Game ManualCassio Lima, Stephen Grammont, Martin van Balkom
Campaign LeadNeil Clark
Additional AnimationsCassio Lima
User Interface DesignStephen Grammont, Charles Moylan, Jean-Vincent Roy
Special thanks go toNeil Clark (for his tireless work on coordinating the construction of the Campaigns!)
ResearchAnonymous Dutchman, Anonymous German, Anonymous Canadian
Scenario DesignersJon Arkley, Neil Clark, Mike Duplessis, Mark Ezra, Jean-Charles Hare, George McEwan, Matthew Merrell, Jari Mikkonen, Christopher Nelson, Karl White
Beta TestersKip Anderson, Raymond Ardry, Jon Arkley, Martin van Balkom, Max von Bargen, Marco Bergman, Neil Clark, John Costello, Phillip Culliton, Mike Duplessis, Mark Ezra, Andy Farley, Mark Gibson, Stephen Grammont, Anthony Hinds, Jean-Charles Hare, Cassio Lima, George McEwan, Chris Meacham, Stella Meacham, Matthew Merrell, Jari Mikkonen, Christopher Nelson, Tim Orosz, John Osborne, Mike Piggott, Florian Schroeder, Alex Sholenberg, David Sluiter, Jon Sowden, Dmytro Stepanchuk, Tom West, Phil Williamson
The TeamCharles Moylan, Stephen Grammont, Dan Olding, Fernando J. Carrera Buil, Martin van Balkom, Phillip Culliton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209748)