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Comix Zone Credits


Concept, Design & Art DirectionPeter Morawiec
Technical Director & ProgrammerAdrian Stephens
Music & Sound EffectsHoward Drossin
BackgroundsKunitake Aoki, Christian G. Senn, Fei Cheng
AnimationThomas Tobey, Christian G. Senn, Bob Steele, Ross Harris, Craig Stitt, Dean Ruggles
Conceptual ArtTony De Zuniga, Alex Nino
AI ScriptingAdrian Stephens, Peter Morawiec, Robert Morgan, Dean Lester
Character VoicesHoward Drossin (Sketch / Mortus / Strigil / Kung-Fung), Deborah Costa (General Alissa Cyan), Peter Morawiec (Gravis), Fei Cheng (Styx the Monk), Sue Ortlip (Mongoria)
Executive ProducerDean Lester
Associate ProducerMichael Wallis
Lead TesterKim Rogers
TestersSean Doidge, Fernando Valderrama, Stephen C. Wong, David Wood, Chris Colon, Marc Dawson, Mike Williams, Arnold Feener, Aron Drayer, Abraham Navarro, Roger Somerville, Michael McCollum, Rob Prideaux, Joel Breton, Anthony Lynch, Jeff Junio, Janine Cook, Rey Alferez
Localisation Team - Sega EuropeLia Ithell, Cara McMullan, Simon Bradley, Dave Thompson, Thomas Wolter, Roberto Párraga-Sánchez
Localisation Team - Sega of America, Inc.Yukimi Shimura, Emi Kawamura, Osamu Shibamiya
Localisation Team - Sega Enterprises, Ltd.Shinobu Shindo
Special ThanksShinobu Toyoda, Roger Hector, Sidd SN Systems, Sue Ortlip, Sheri Hockaday, Deborah Costa, Terry Tang, John Duggan, Tim Gedemer, Mrowa "The House" for the best lamb in town!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Syed GJ (1579)