Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
GDI Zone Troopers are very effective against ground vehicles.
Jennifer Morrison as Lieutenant Kirce James (cut scene)
The EMP Coil upgrade allows the Raider Buggy to disable any mechanical unit.
Harvesting Tiberium
My base is under attack by Scrin forces (Multiplayer mode).
Preparing for nuclear attack.
Brotherhood of Nod scores a direct hit!
Tricia Helfer as General Kilian Quatar
Unexpected attack on Munich by the aliens has taken GDI forces by surprise.
Alien Control Node
Multiplayer mayhem!
Defending the base from alien attack.
Temple Prime in Sarajevo - Brotherhood of Nod headquarters.
Josh Holloway as Ajay, Nod Intelligence Officer (cut scene).
Stealth Tanks are invisible until attack.
Mutant Hovel allows you to recruit Mutant Marauders.
Bombarding the GDI aircraft carrier.
The Battle Base is heavy defense platform that has the ability to repair damaged vehicles.
The reinforcements have arrived.
Engineers can repair destroyed bridges by entering the bridge gatehouse.
You get medals for completing all primary and bonus objectives.
Grace Park as Lieutenant Sandra Telfair (cut scene)
Tiberium Spikes generate extra funds by drawing Tiberium out of the Earth.
Thanks to their burst-firing rail carbines, GDI Commandos are unmatched when fighting enemy infantry.
Alien Mothership is armed with the Catalyst Cannon which sends a destructive shockwave.
You can shot at red barrels to eliminate the nearby buildings and units in a big explosion.
Attacking the GDI Logistic Center in Washington.
Joseph D. Kucan as Kane
The GDI Snipers can designate targets for long range bombardment from artillery pieces.
The intelligence database updates as you progress through the missions.
Battles are waged across the globe and the map indicates the current point of conflict.
You're on Kane's territory now, and lack of power doesn't encourage the situation.
Barely escaping my own Ion Cannon blast with Mammoth tanks.
Juggernauts form a deadly combination with Sniper units.
Close-up on a GDI airfield
Whoever dares to cross this bridge first.
Nod Avatars fully upgraded by destroying friendly units in the process.
Launching a nuclear strike on GDI.
Posting anti-air defenses behind the cliff. This surely surprised enemy Venom crafts and bombers.
Tiberium shaped EA logo
Game settings
Tutorial mission
Grace Park and Michael Ironside are obvious choices for GDI side
Beach landing
Zooming in on your troops doesn't save any details
Battle on the airfield
Jump troopers can bypass the rocky mountains and cliffs
Sinking the docked ships
A good angled view of the entire base