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atari breakout
Written by  :  Dr. Elementary (297)
Written on  :  Sep 26, 2001
Rating  :  3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars
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If you liked Tiberian Sun, you'll probably like this...

The Good

The colors are bright and keep it from looking dull and boring.

The cinematics during the missions are a blast, with obvious over-the-top acting and vibrant colors. The single player missions are all fun and also help to introduce the player to the units and basic strategies needed to survive in the multi-player world. My favorite moment was using the chronosphere to move a group of prism and mirage tanks to the back of a base and obliterating it! Who could ask for more?

As for the multi-player, there are tons of ways to play besides the normal straight up fight. A favorite alternate way of mine is the unholy alliance, where you start with a soviet and allied MCV, allowing you to get both tech trees, and some interesting hybrid units as well...I'll let you discover what they are.

Doesn't have that annoying health bar problem.

The Bad

RA2 isn't without its flaws. There is no way to actually set a formation; you can tell a group to travel together, but they won't stay in any pattern. The pathfinding isn't always the best, and units don't always respond to being fired upon.

The multi-player "chat" is horrible, you can only see six lines at a time, and there is no squelch/mute button in sight. It was obviously put together in a couple of weeks, to make a deadline.

There is no map editor, only the return of the crappy random map maker from Tiberian Sun. What was westwood thinking?

Westwood once again patched a game to death. RA2 has turned into a cross between RA and TS. Most units are no long usable, and its not fast enough to justify only a few strategies.

Most modes of multiplayer aren't used.

May be overly cartoonish for some hardcore or picky people.

The Bottom Line

75% Tiberian Sun and 25% Red Alert. It's gotten slower with each new patch. The only reason it manages to pull out of TS depths is that it is somewhat faster, and the units are cooler.

atari 50th