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A missed opportunity Alex Z (1949) 2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars
Screw the haters, this game is awesome. CKeen The Great (165) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.3
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (25 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Red Alert 3 is a great strategy game and while it doesn't contain the intense strategic elements of a title such as Supreme Commander, it will appeal to a wider audience as the units are more accessible and the game play is exceptionally well paced. The movie elements just add to the overall feeling of quality and I am confident that this game will appeal to almost everyone who has enjoyed a Red Alert Game in the past. If you fancy a strategy game to entertain and perhaps even involve a friend then the single player and multiplayer aspects will certainly not disappoint.
1UP (Oct 27, 2008)
Of course, Red Alert 3 doesn't get everything right: Missions rotate among about a half-dozen "stock" types, and multiplayer maps -- while balanced -- are often rather bland. Worse, EA still has difficulties with connectivity to its online community, making this at least the third title they've produced with such problems. It's bordering on ludicrous that a company can make a game as good as Red Alert 3 and not make sure that people don't have to break their backs to play it online. We can only hope EA gets this crap worked out for the inevitable expansion, because if past performance is any indicator of future excellence, it's gonna be one hell of a game.
Armchair General (Jun 05, 2009)
Fun! There’s not a much greater accolade I can throw at the entire Command & Conquer series than to say they are downright fun. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 is no exception. It has all the hallmarks that have come to be expected from the previous games: strategic RTS action, engaging multi-player maps, outlandish weaponry, and quality actors giving the campiest performances of their careers. All these have made Command & Conquer a long-standing classic series, and Red Alert 3 once again brings it all home for us fans.
90 (Nov 17, 2008)
Kaikkiaan Red Alert 3 on peli, jota joko vihaa tai rakastaa. Ne, jotka etsivät jotain lajityypin uudempien pelien kaltaista kokemusta, pettyvät taatusti, kuten myös ne, jotka eivät voi sietää kolmannen osa lähes fantasian tasolle nousevaa asetelmaa omituisine yksikköineen ja asetelmineen. Yksinkertaisempaa perustaktiikkanaksuttelua etsiville peli on kuitenkin viimeistelty ja hiottu kokonaisuus, joka on pakattu todella näyttäviin ja komeisiin kuoriin. Vanhassa joskus vara parempi, vaikka sitten pintaa kiillottaen. Jos komentajan lakki ei siis purista liikaa, viettää Red Alert 3:n parissa taatusti paljon hauskoja ja viihdyttäviä hetkiä.
Game Watcher (Nov 12, 2008)
Other than these scuffs, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is an exciting and enjoyable game. The cooperative gameplay is an excellent addition that, while not entirely balanced, will become greater as time goes on. An excellent soundtrack brings life the game, so well that most players are simply in tune with it and don’t notice it…until it’s muted. Lush, colorful cityscapes of the different campaign maps bring out the color in our typical, drab brown games. Everything about Red Alert 3 is colorful, and we plan to enjoy it for many days to come.
90 (Nov 06, 2008)

במידה ואתם חסידים של עלילה רצינית ומשמעותית, התרחקו מרד אלרט 3. העלילה כאן מושקעת, מעלה חיוך, אך רחוקה לא רק מלהיות טובה, אלא גם מלהיות הגיונית. לעומת זאת, אם אתם מהאנשים שלוחצים אסקייפ ברגע שמתחיל סרטון עלילה, ורק מעוניינים במשחק גרידא, אז קודם כל אמליץ לכם לא לעשות זאת. הדיקציה של השחקניות ממש מוצלחת, במיוחד בסרטון הסיום של בנות הברית... לאחר מכן, אומר לכם שאיני רואה שום תחרות לרד אלרט 3 בכל הנוגע למשחקיות אסטרטגית קלאסית, לפחות עד שיגיע סטארקראפט 2.

Total PC Gaming (Oct 31, 2008)
Big Brother notwithstanding, Red Alert 3 is a solid purchase. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it’s not trying to. In its own way, it’s something better than the wheel: a slick, colourful, deep, addictive real-time strategy smorgasbord that gracefully weds nuts-andbolts tactical mechanics to exuberantly daffy pulp imagery and a laidback pyromaniac charm. It’s easily the second most fun you could ever have with a man-cannon and Gemma Atkinson while awake.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 24, 2008)
Het Rode Gevaar is weer helemaal terug. Liefhebbers van over-the-top strategisch spelplezier mogen dit in geen geval missen.
Competitive multiplayer is amusing but nothing special, offering the usual permutations on deathmatching. The good bits of Red Alert 3, though, are more than worth the price of admission.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2008)
Herrlich, wie bewusst abgefahren sich Alarmstufe Rot 3 präsentiert, ob durch die witzigen Ideen und Zwischensequenzen oder die skurrilen Einheiten. Gut, dass hinter dieser stimmigen Kulisse auch ein durchdachtes Strategiespiel steckt. Ich muss meine Armee clever zusammenstellen, gezielt die Spezialfähigkeiten meiner Einheiten einsetzen und stets wechselnde Aufgaben meistern. Sicher, die KI gehört schon lange modernisiert, und ein neues Technikgerüst täte C&C ebenfalls gut, einen Riesenspaß macht mir Alarmstufe Rot 3 trotzdem. Das liegt vor allem am neuen Koop-Modus, der endlich mal Abwechslung in das C&C-typische Skirmish-Einerlei bringt.
GameZone (Nov 10, 2008)
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is a great RTS game that will keep players going for months to come, and a welcome addition to the Command and Conquer series. There is plenty to do with the 27 single-player missions and the plethora of multiplayer options, especially the new co-op feature. This is one game that will not leave your PC for quite some time.
PC Zone (Oct 30, 2008)
Yes it has its faults, and certain elements of the game do whiff of Xbox 360 dumbing-down, but it's never blatant and EA LA should be praised for creating such a widely accessible product that not only captures the essence of its predecessors, but infuses them with a whole new multiplayer dynamic. Sure, heritage is important, but you really can't beat bloody good gameplay, and RA3 has that by the truckload. As well as bears. In armour.
85 (Nov 12, 2008)
If you haven’t purchased the game yet, please do yourself a favor and do so. You really are missing out, even if you have never played a single game in the series.
85 (Nov 04, 2008)
Alarmstufe Rot 3 ist Command & Conquer-Feeling in Reinkultur. Im hohen Tempo heizt ihr durch die Einsätze, probiert die tollen Einheiten aus und ärgert euch gleichermaßen über die mäßige KI. Das neue C&C erbt somit Stärken und Schwächen der Vorgänger, setzt mit dem Seekampf sowie dem gut eingebauten Koop-Modus immerhin zwei spielerische Akzente, damit Alarmstufe Rot 3 mehr wird als ein Remake der Vorgänger. Somit erfindet C&C das Genre auch weiterhin nicht neu, wird seine nach wie vor große Fangemeinde aber von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute motivieren. Auch die Spielzeit ist dank des tollen Mehrspielermodus erfreulich lang. Dennoch wünsche ich mir für das nächste C&C ein paar echte Verbesserungen der altbekannten Spielmechanik, denn so langsam spüre ich schon leichte Abnutzungserscheinungen beim Gameplay. Aus diesem Grund erreicht Alarmstufe Rot 3 unsere Auszeichnung auch nur ganz knapp.
Playback (Jan, 2009)
Red Alert 3 jest więc erteesem specyficznym, który nie każdemu podejdzie do gustu. Dla jednych będzie zbyt prosty, zbyt kiczowaty i nie do przełknięcia. Innym zapewni masę godzin spędzonych na świetnej rozrywce, pełnej miodnych, choć prostych starć. Bo chyba to jest w grach video najważniejsze, by się dobrze bawić, czyż nie? A to panom z EA Los Angeles udało się w stu procentach.
Game Chronicles (Nov 18, 2008)
This game is a must for any real-time strategy fan, especially for those that enjoy the Command and Conquer series. Red Alert 3 is a really enjoyable, high quality strategy game that has a few minor balancing issues. This is yet another sequel that is destined to become another classic in the ongoing Command and Conquer legacy.
85 (Oct 30, 2008)
En faisant ressurgir Alerte Rouge de l'oubli dans lequel il était tombé, Electronic Arts n'a pas fait que réveiller un grand nom, qui aurait pourtant suffit à déchaîner les passions à lui seul. EA a su faire mieux, en sublimant la série sans jamais la trahir, en la hissant vers un nouveau sommet. Servi par un gameplay intelligent foisonnant de trouvailles, ce troisième chapitre fera date dans l'histoire de la saga et même du genre STR en marquant une nouvelle étape. Pas tout à fait une révolution, mais plus qu'une simple évolution, cette dernière pierre à l'édifice Command & Conquer est un grand Alerte Rouge, tout simplement, et c'est tout ce qu'on lui demande.
Red Alert has always been over the top (even by Command & Conquer standards), and the third installment is no exception. During the course of the three campaigns, I took on Soviets, Allies, and the Japanese with ursine companions, weaponized dolphins, and transforming robots. I didn’t have to do it alone, either, since the missions are designed for co-op — either a friend or a competent AI buddy. Gameplay balance is solid, and each faction has their own little quirks, from how they build bases to how they upgrade units. While the dinner-theater quality FMV interludes aren’t going to win any awards, they’re so overwrought and goofy that it’s hard not to enjoy them — just like the game as a whole.
83 (Oct 31, 2008)
Dank abgedrehter, augenzwinkernder und gänzlich selbstironischer Videos sowie einer sympathisch durchgeknallten Story mit bemerkenswerten Charakteren gelang es den Entwicklern, mich in den Bann ihrer abstrusen Parallelwelt zu ziehen. Darüber hinaus ist die kooperative Kampagne abwechslungsreich gestaltet und verbreitet sogar mit Computerkollegen viel Freude, wobei echte Mitspieler natürlich Raum für mehr Taktiken bringen, im Gegenzug aber die Herausforderung durch den Schwierigkeitsgrad senken. An eine taktische Vielfalt à la StarCraft oder Universe at War kommt Alarmstufe 3 nicht heran, trotzdem sind die drei unterschiedlichen Fraktionen mit ihren Einheiten inklusive sinnvoller Spezialfunktionen gut aufeinander abgestimmt.
Game Revolution (Dec 10, 2008)
In summation, Red Alert 3 is a great deal of fun. If you like RTS games, and are not scared off by a little campy ridiculousness, you should give it a try.
Game Captain (Nov 07, 2008)
Der Hardcore-Stratege schüttelt allerdings angesichts fehlender Tiefgründigkeit in Sachen Taktik und Strategie abgeneigt den Kopf. Dazu nicht mehr ganz frische Grafik und die Kürze der Kampagnen, da ist eine Topwertung nicht drin. Mir hat es dennoch oder gerade darum gefallen. Einfach so nach einem anstrengenden Arbeitstag abends noch ein paar Stunden den Witz und Humor der Kampagnen mit den abgedrehten Einheiten genießen. Und das, wenn man will, sogar im Koop mit Freunden oder Bekannten. Ärgerlich nur, das letzteres nur über die Online-Lobby und nicht im Netzwerk funktioniert. Immerhin leistet Offline der KI Co-Commander ordentlichen Ersatz.
Worth Playing (Nov 28, 2008)
With titles such as World in Conflict and Company of Heroes raising the bar, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 can come across as fan service made for players who fondly remember when Westwood Studios was still around. Red Alert 3 doesn't falter from the formula that had made its predecessors legend, and it delivers a polished return to its roots that can still be fun, especially with a faction amusingly based on big robot anime and "Akira." RTS players have something new to play with, even if it pretends to be a time machine taking them back eight years to the past, while delivering more of the explosive, over-the-top insanity that the series brings to the genre.
82 (Dec 06, 2008)
In the end Red Alert 3 has some good and bad things. It isn't the best RTS out there, it's got some issues with pathfinding and the additional features of the units need too much micro-management in order to be really of use. Also it seems the slower economy and easier AI are compromises to allow easier play on consoles which doesn't help the PC version at all and rather turn it into a cartoon version of itself than become better than its predecessor, RA2.
ActionTrip (Nov 13, 2008)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 carries some qualities with it, along with unwanted technical mishaps. The gameplay mechanics are great, if you're not bothered by micromanagement (mostly related to unit special powers). The dreadful pathfinding, as annoying as it sounds, in the end, doesn't get in the way of a good game. As a strategy, RA 3 delivers both as a single-player experience and as a co-op ride. The multiplayer portion also features a staggering collection of 28 cool maps to enjoy with friends. However you choose to play this game, you're bound to enjoy yourself, though maybe not as much as you would in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars.
Krawall Gaming Network (Nov 06, 2008)
Gerade Trashfans dürfen einmal mehr beherzt zugreifen, tiefgreifende Strategie sucht man allerdings auch im neuesten Serienableger vergeblich. Dafür wird Action ohne Ende geboten.
IGN (Oct 28, 2008)
Red Alert 3 feels like a bubblegum version of real- time strategy. It's silly and campy, yes, and it's also fun. Keep in mind that it's just a familiar sort of fun, one that's almost unchanged over the decade the series has been around. While it'd be nice to see the series start pushing in new directions, we also know that there are fans out there who like to wrap themselves up in the RTS equivalent of comfort food.
Als je een paar kleine probleempjes door de vingers kan zien, biedt Red Alert 3 met zijn coole nieuwe strijdmacht, de co-op campagne en kitscherige tussenfilmpjes een knapp – zij het niet echt verniewende – nieuwe aanwinst voor je real-time strategiegamecollectie.
3D Juegos (Oct 31, 2008)
Red Alert 3 es un muy notable título de estrategia. Es ligero, el rigor táctico es escaso y podríamos considerarlo el “arcade de los RTS”, pero no por ello deja de ser un gran título, ni muchísimo menos. Un entretenimiento muy “palomitero” en el que se prima más la agresividad y la velocidad que la inteligencia o el planteamiento.
Giant Bomb (Nov 14, 2008)
Red Alert 3 makes compelling changes to the C&C brand of real-time strategy without abandoning the core of what makes these games tick. If you're a longtime fan, that's great news, though if you don't typically go for strategy games, but are still feeling the attraction of the game's stellar cast and full-motion video, you may find that the thrill of the cutscenes isn't quite enough to keep you moving through the missions.
Games Finder (Jul 15, 2014)
Gameplay in Red Alert 3 has really focused on bringing naval combat into the core experience and it has definitely succeeded in this regard. There are very few real time strategy games out there that let sea play such a vital role giving the game a definite unique appeal, especially if you love battling over sea and want a change from all the land based battles in other games.
80 (UK) (Nov 03, 2008)
More than anything else it feels like the same giggly attitude you see in Red Alert 3's cut-scenes is leaking into the strategy. When an RTS is as unpredictable as this it becomes less about scheming and resource management and even more about simply reacting, and that's not going to be to everyone's taste. That said, everyone loves the sweet taste of co-op, so if you've got a friend who's a fan of either RTS games or cleavage (or both!), Red Alert 3 can and will show you a very good time indeed.
80 (Nov 03, 2008)
At its heart, Red Alert 3 is classic Command & Conquer. The art style is fantastic, the presentation is silky smooth and the core gameplay is as satisfying as it was over ten years ago. The game dances so close to being quintessential, but consistently falls short of the mark, and that's almost entirely because of the abhorrent decision of including the co-commander system. Without it, I'd say Red Alert 3 was essential. As it stands, I'd say it's a little disappointing. "Lenin would be proud", barks one of the Soviet units during the game. I'm not so sure, myself. I think he'd probably only be mostly satisfied.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 14, 2009)
Red Alert 3 doesn’t do anything particularly innovative in the RTS genre, but its familiar and addictive gameplay shines through, aided with a ridiculous plot and colourful cast. Fans will feel right at home while newcomers will warm to the charm and ease the game slips you into the action, from the tutorial showing you the basics to each new level unlocking new units and structures for you to toy around with. The campaign mode provides a decent amount of entertainment which is enhanced by playing with a friend, although it’s the competitive multiplayer that will have you coming back for more.
80 (Dec 29, 2008)
Nostalgia on aivan validi syy käydä koppaamassa Red Alert 3 lähimmästä pelihyllystä. Verrattuna samoista puutteista kärsiviin tusinanaksuihin Red Alertissa on sentään jonkinlaista yritystä. Teslapuolat, taistelukarhut ja Nahka Albertin kanta-asiakaskortista nauttivat amatsoni-ljudmilat ovat kertaluokkaa edellä verrokkejaan. Jotenkin toivoisin silti, että eksploitaatio vietäisiin vielä pitemmälle. Neuvostotytöt voisivat tehtävien introissa vaikka antaa toisilleen pitkiä kielisuudelmia ja hörppiä Ladan etuvalon umpiosta vodkaa.
Deaf Gamers (Nov 27, 2008)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is a game that gives fans of the series exactly what they want. There's a solid strategy game here that has an enjoyable storyline which is all the more likeable for being humorous. Those who like to play co-operatively will really appreciate what Red Alert 3 has to offer and it's great to see that there are developers who realise that there are many gamers out there who like to play co-operatively rather than competitively. Those expecting the game to contain some major innovations to the Command & Conquer formula will be disappointed because it doesn't really offer much that hasn't been seen before. Those who weren't looking for change will find little to complain about however. The ability to play through the campaigns co-operatively is such a refreshing addition and it's one that ensures the replay value of the game remains high.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Oct 27, 2008)
Kaiken kaikkiaan Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 on tervetullut lisä reaaliaikaisten strategiapelien markkinoille. Vaikka se ei yhteispelituen lisäksi tarjoa oikeastaan mitään uutta, tekee se kaiken jälleen hieman edeltäjiään paremmin. Kampanjat ovat välivideoita myöten hyvin suunniteltuja, ja moninpeli pitänee tämänkin osan hengissä pitkään. Kuten Yhdysvaltain presidentti asian pelissä tiivistää: You want hope? Keep dreaming. You want change? Put out your gun. Paremmin Red Alertia ei voi tiivistää.
GameSpot (Oct 27, 2008)
A few problems aside, Red Alert 3's cooperative campaign and cool new faction offer plenty of enjoyment for players who don't mind a little cheese with their meat. This isn't exactly the genre's next step forward, but it's a slick and entertaining evolution of a classic franchise that's hard to dislike. Rest assured, that quirky exterior masks a strong campaign and an equally substantial multiplayer component that will keep you and your dolphins busy well into 2009.
GameSpy (Oct 27, 2008)
In the end, Red Alert 3's development team at EALA has completed the transition that began back when the developers at Westwood Studios first decided to branch off the Command & Conquer universe. What was a tongue-in-cheek look at Cold War paranoia married to solid RTS gameplay has blossomed into a pure comedy that retains the easy-to-pick-up and addictive-as-peanuts gameplay of the best in the Command & Conquer franchise. It's not a game that will redefine strategy gaming, but it is one heck of an enjoyable ride.
GamePro (US) (Oct 27, 2008)
Command & Conquer has had a long history of great moments and the Red Alert games have probably been responsible for most of them. The latest Red Alert tries to emulate its lofty predecessors, but gets bogged down on some curious design choices and the archaic gameplay may turn away some.
Meristation (Oct 31, 2008)
Quizás la clave de todo es que el peso del modo cooperativo no es tanto como su enorme potencial podría indicar. Puede ser tremendamente divertido, pero en la práctica y en el contexto del juego desequilibra la balanza, algo que posiblemente se deba a la necesidad de compatibilizar el modo de un jugador junto con el cooperativo. Proyectos más arriesgados pueden hacer un uso mucho más interesante de esta vía que se abre, pero aún así su inclusión en Red Alert 3 es más que bienvenida. EA LA ha conseguido crear un juego realmente divertido, con buenos valores de producción y que entusiasmará a los amantes de los RTS más directos, aunque dejará más fríos a los que busquen algo más de complejidad o una evolución en el género.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct 29, 2008)
Nach langer Abstinenz liegt der neuste Teil der Command & Conquer- Reihe vor mir. Und wie zu erwarten, spielt es sich genauso gut wie seine Vorgänger - nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Optisch nett anzusehen, leidet unter den großen Grafiken allerdings die Übersicht und Strategie beschränkt sich auf permanentes Hochrüsten im Akkord. Das konnte C&C schon besser! Die Story ist in der Tat einigermaßen cool und der Computer spielt immer noch mit der Gerissenheit von Knäckebrot. Fazit: Nettes Spiel, aber nicht mehr der alte Meilenstein des Genres.
78 PC Gaming (Nov 24, 2008)
It’s a little ironic, however, to see a company spend (supposedly) a lot of time and resources into making a single player campaign when it’s the multiplayer portion that is worth your money. The fast and frantic action works best against real opponents, and because of the simplified economy and emphasis on battles, the online matches don’t waste a lot of your time. I am a little surprised that I actually spent so much of my time going through the game offline when I could have had lots of fun doing the same thing online, minus painfully corny acting and stereotypes. Overall, Red Alert 3 is a polished and good old mindless fun, although I’m a little surprised I have to say this in a strategy game review. In fact, if you were looking for the Quake of strategy games, this one would be a very good candidate. It’s simple, addictive, fast paced, and even though a little old-fashioned in terms of gameplay, still plenty good enough for a playthrough.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2008)
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 isn't the greatest RTS game on the market right now. And, as far as gameplay is concerned, it is as traditional and standard as they come. However, what it lacks in the way of new gameplay design, it makes up for in flavor, attitude, and exaggeration. While these elements have mostly to do with the style of the game rather than the gameplay, they certainly contribute to the fun factor. So, whether you're playing Red Alert 3's campaign with a friend or fighting it out with a bunch of friends online, Red Alert 3 will deliver. Veterans of the series should find it familiar enough to love while being introduced to a little more, while newcomers will enjoy a less serious romp through the RTS genre. In the end, Red Alert 3 isn't the best dressed guy at the party, but he will certainly turn some heads and keep everyone entertained.
Good Game (Nov 17, 2008)
Don’t expect anything too competitive, don’t expect unit balance down to a science…just expect to have a good laugh, and something you can spend a good long time with.
Good Game (Nov 17, 2008)
For a while, Command & Conquer and Red Alert have been associated with nostalgia, rather than quality, and it’s a shame that this’ll be lumped into that category. The nostalgia is there – remixed Hell's March made me squeal Jung – but I think it’s also the best we’ve seen from them in a long while, I’m giving it 7.5/10.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 27, 2008)
Red Alert 3 — типичный продукт от Electronic Arts: качественный, но скучный для искушенного игрока. Лучше C&C 3, однако в подметки не годится своей предшественнице. На него стоит обратить внимание, если вас интересуют бодрая музыка, юмор и возможность пройти RTS вдвоем. Очевидно, что Electronic Arts попробует превратить RA 3 в киберспортивную дисциплину, хотя она вряд ли станет чем-то большим, чем разминкой перед StarCraft 2.
UOL Jogos (Nov 27, 2008)
"Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3" é um jogo que repete sua fórmula sem nenhuma grande novidade notável, mesclando a tradicional mecânica da franquia com uma história apresentada em vídeo, com atores de carne e osso. E é esta apresentação com clima de filme B que acaba salvando o game do marasmo, com alguns momentos de bom humor e certa canastrice, uma vez que a campanha principal é limitadora e pouco empolgante. Com certeza no multiplayer o jogo ganha mais pontos, mas ainda não chega a mostrar nada que não tenha sido visto antes.
DarkZero (Nov 09, 2008)
History will best remember Red Alert 3 as being a good multiplayer RTS. At worst it’s an embarrassing parody of the 1996 classic. For a game whose ancestor was the original Red Alert, many will feel underwhelmed by the overall package, but you can’t argue against the well-proven mutliplayer gameplay.
Cyber Stratege (Nov 06, 2008)
Des STR de série, il en sort trois ou quatre par mois. Alors autant se concentrer sur les meilleurs ! Et nous le répétons à la sortie de chaque Command & Conquer ou affilié… Cela fait longtemps que la série mythique d’Electronic Arts a abdiqué toute volonté d’innovation pour nous sortir toujours et encore les mêmes recettes, avec des graphismes plus ou moins améliorés. Alerte Rouge 3 ne fait pas exception à la règle.