Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Red Alert 3 title (from intro).
Scene from intro.
Title screen.
Main Menu
Campaign selection screen.
Select mission mode.
Mission briefing.
Loading Screen
Training menu.
Training mission - Organic Donuts.
You are victorious.
Training mission begins.
Mission menu.
Natasha can order air strikes.
Under attack by Chinese.
USSR time machine.
Tim Curry (as Premier Cherdenko).
Meet the Empire of the Rising Sun.
Meet the Soviet Union.
During the course of the game earned points can be invested here in special powers.
Magnetic radar gun in use.
The mighty Japanese fleet attacks.
Activated a special power that shields my ships.
I won against an easy AI player - nothing to writer home about.
Detailed statistics are available as always.
New United States president.
Ships attack.
Enemy base under attack.
Your co-commander will help you.
Soldiers attacking small enemy base.
Strike from orbit.
Surprise from the baseball stadium.
Destroying the Statue of Liberty.
Jonathan Pryce (as Robert Bingham) and Gemma Atkinson (as Eva).
Allied air attack.
Using the extreme time bomb.
Gemma Atkinson (as Eva) and Jenny McCarthy (as Tanya).
How did David Hasselhoff get into the White House?
Sneaking into the enemy harbor.
Enemy cryo copters captured aircraft carrier.
Tutorial mission
Traveling to past to get Albert Einstein out of the way
Empire of the Rising Sun is the new force on the horizon
Mission loading and start screen
Lifting up the enemy cruiser
Soviet spiders can easily dispose of Imperial infantry
Building the naval yard
Taking enemy amphibious tanks with helicopters
Once your tanks have elite ranks you can move unopposed
Imperial super-weapon in action