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Whether you’re new or old to Command & Conquer, or even the RTS genre for that matter, you owe it to yourself as a gamer (if you call yourself that) to pick up this package. Never has there been a more defining, all-encompassing effort to preserve the great history of our industry than in Command & Conquer: The First Decade.
DarkZero (2006)
So there we have it, a brief 10 year history of Command & Conquer. Even with all of the games available on the market today, C&C is still going strong and in my opinion only the legendary Total Annihilation has come close to rivalling its greatness. It’s hard to come up with a fair score for a series as a whole, but I believe the one below is a fair reflection on what the C&C series has brought into the world of gaming, and it’s a credit to the original games that they remain so entertaining and playable today. If you’ve yet to do so, then go and buy Command & Conquer: The First Decade, I cannot recommend it more. It should sustain your interest up to the release of C&C 3 and beyond.
GameZone (Feb 23, 2006)
Command and Conquer The First Decade is probably the best compilation of games from any genre all in one DVD. The C&C series started back in 1995 with Command and Conquer, which at the time was one of the few, if not the only real-time strategy type games. They paved the way into gamer's hearts offering not only exciting game play but offered titles that had great graphics, compelling storylines, exceptional acting and fantastic sound effects and music. These attributes provided the groundwork for some of the best titles in the industry and a fan base like no other.
GamingTrend (Feb, 2006)
There simply isn't a better compilation of Command & Conquer material. You could buy each game individually and set up the appropriate hacks to make them work, but you can bet that EA won't be patching those - this compilation is where your future support lies...hopefully.
“X” marks the spot as C&C: The First Decade will have all C&C aficionados waxing nostalgic for the good old days of GDI versus Nod, Kane and Yuri, and of course, Tanya, the sexiest female gaming character next to Lady Croft. This collection may not make any new converts to the C&C realm, but those old enough to be gamers in 1995 and enjoyed the C&C experience may want to revisit the past with C&C: The First Decade.
PC Powerplay (Feb, 2006)
Falls Ihre Sammlung noch nicht komplett ist, dann sage ich: „Zugreifen!“ Wenn allerdings schon sämtliche C&C-Episoden in Ihren Schrank stehen, dann können Sie die Compilation ruhig links liegen lassen. Denn außer den Spielen liegt in der Box nichts, was man unbedingt haben muss: Die Bonus-DVD ist zwar ein kleines Extra, für das alleine sich die Anschaffung der Sammlung aber nicht lohnt.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 11, 2006)
The First Decade isn’t 100% quality stuff, but it does deliver lots of good games. The occasional crashes in the older ones are a little annoying, but they’re still quite playable, and with all their expansions you could easily spend months playing against the AI alone. Whether you’re looking for a retro rush, or want to get a feel for how C&C got started, this is a very solid collection.
GameStar (Germany) (Mar, 2006)
Für alle, die bisher einen Bogen um Command & Conquer gemacht haben, ist Die ersten 10 Jahre die Gelegenheit, ein Stück Spielegeschichte zu schnuppern. Ich persönlich kann mit der Compilation endlich meine lückenhafte Sammlung komplettieren und mal wieder in die grandios inszenierten Schlachten um Tiberium und Macht ziehen. Zum zehnten Geburtstag wären aber gedruckte Handbücher und eine vernünftige Packung schön gewesen.
80 (Mar 20, 2006)
Das Jahr 1995 war nicht nur das Jahr in dem Österreich der EU beigetreten ist, oder die Electronic Entertainment Expo zum ersten Mal seine Pforten öffnete, nein es war auch das Jahr in dem ein Stückchen Spielgeschichte geschrieben wurde. Mit Command & Conquer: Die ersten 10 Jahre wird dem Anlass entsprechend das Jubiläum einer der populärsten und beliebtesten Echtzeitstrategiespiele gefeiert und alle bisherigen erschienen Spiele der Reihe in eine Sammlung zusammengepackt. Also lassen wir die Korken knallen und drehen das Rad der Zeit eine Dekade zurück…
78 (Feb 21, 2006)
Achja, Command & Conquer… so viele schöne Erinnerungen. Aber wie das mit den Erinnerungen nun mal so ist: Werden sie wieder erweckt, ist das Ergebnis oftmals nicht so, wie man es sich vorgestellt hat. Und so ist es zwar verdammt cool, sich wieder durch die alten Schinken zu klicken - aber dennoch tun sowohl Grafik als auch Spielmechanik vom Tiberiumkonflikt sowie Alarmstufe Rot schon ziemlich weh. Noch schlimmer sind jedoch die Schnitte der deutschen Versionen: Roboter statt Menschen, zerschnippelte Videos und keinerlei Blut sind nicht nur oberflächlich, sondern nach wie vor schmerzhaft. Dazu gibt es noch einige Bugs (speziell im Zusammenhang mit den Videos in Alarmstufe Rot), um die sich die Entwickler noch kümmern wollen sowie die reichlich lieblose Box in der Box - immerhin entschädigt die Bonus-DVD die sonst recht schlaffe Hülle. So bleibt eine schöne Retro-Compilation, die man sich idealerweise in der englischen Fassung gönnen sollte.
Game Watcher (Feb 17, 2006)
So then, Command and Conquer fanatics will be a little disappointed with the way the series has been put together. Clearly it wasn't put together by other fanatics. The omission of the installation sequences is a great loss, and the occasional bug makes for some frustration. On the other hand, the material itself is good enough that even the most clueless would have a hard time making it look bad. If you're a fanatic, keep that old PC and its games around for the genuine experience, but this is nice if you'd just like a quick way to experience old times.
GameSpot (Feb 13, 2006)
This package is long on great gameplay, but it doesn't seem like the developers responsible for collating everything onto one disc took a great deal of care with the materials. If you're willing to overlook a few bugs and missed opportunities, you'll find some of the greatest real-time strategy games ever made here. But given the series' pedigree, The First Decade deserved a little more polish than it got, making the whole thing seem like a sort of "don't forget about C&C" product that's intended to drive interest in a new sequel. Let's hope that the team working on the second decade of C&C is a little more respectful of the legacy.
AceGamez (2006)
Hopefully any future release will benefit from vigorous testing before release, a privilege that hasn't seemed to have been granted to this collection. When EA do eventually provide a fix for the current problems I'll give Command & Conquer: The First Decade the extra points it deserves. Until then, whether or not you'll be able to overlook the flaws and spot the gold hidden within depends entirely on how much you long to relive the RTS days of old.
Game Over Online (Mar 01, 2006)
In their time, many of these could be considered great titles, but there’s nothing new here. There’s old here. There’s some very old here. Some very, very old here. If they had done something, included another Generals expansion packlet just to give me the inkling that perhaps they had put some work into this collection rather than just stuffed it into a box, I might be more favorable towards it. But they didn’t. They took some old games and some home movies and they burned it all to disk and they threw it into the stores. If you’re an RTS fan that somehow missed some of these titles (the newer ones), sure, give it a go with the understanding that a lot of stuff you take for granted now in RTS games won’t be there.
60 (UK) (Mar 13, 2006)
Ten years at the helm. No wonder our minds have changed. And now, for just forty quid, you can know the whole of the past under one DVD, with no driver issues or boot discs and all that jazz. Awesome. I lean back in my chair and, in a moment of grim lucidity I realise: all of these games are already in a cardboard box in the shed. That means something. I just can't decide what. Ah, I know.