Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

main menu
In Firestorm you are again given briefings through first-person perspective.
On the Nod side, you'll be just another day commander serving under Slavik (who you were in original TS when choosing Nod side).
This time, no matter the side you choose, the main nemesis will be CABAAL.
KODAK was downed by the Ion Storm. Your mission is to retrieve the Tacitus.
Firestorm gives many Tiberium lifeforms that are overall deadly hostile.
Spreading lies to civilians.
CABAL now has his own core of intelligence.
Juggernauts are the newest long-range addition to GDI.
Already taken Nod base, with many Juggernauts in protection.
Last move towards CABAL.
A final CABAL's unit will wipe out these 20 cyborg-reapers in a split second.
Use Toxic Soldiers to 'convince' civilians to change sides.
CABAL says, kill Tratos, so noone else could translate the Tacitus, but CABAL himself.
Mutant forces are now stronger then before. After all, there's helluva lot more Tiberium now, with all these lifeforms around.
Take out CABAL's Harvester Factories. The unit in the center is Nod moving Tank Factory.
Most of all, Firestorm map generator is far more advanced then the one from original Tiberian Sun.
Kodiak's crash site. Strange, in original Tiberian Sun it was the size of a regular unit.
First 2-4 players multiplayer map, here are buildings just for aesthetical purpose, you cannot enter nor fortify them.
Nod Montauk seems to be off power, and you must race GDI forces to make sure it stays on the safe side.
When guardian becomes active, you better pray you have enough firepower to stop it before it reaches your bases.
In Firestorm one of the asset units to Nod side is stealth generator tank, has lesser range than the actual structure but costs no power and can be moved at will.
Regular infantry is no match against tiberium fiends, so it's wiser to flee sometimes.
Urban area, though nothing but a great care for details, not much to interact with.
Heavily fortified base defenses clipping the wings of a Nod fighter.
Taking orders from Slavik
This area is full of Tiberium lifeforms
In touch with Tratos
Mutant soldiers everywhere...
The Guardian is on the way to my base!