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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (versions 1.08-1.17a)
Main menu (versions 2.00-2.03)
If you select the GDI, your character, Commander McNeil, will be played by Michael Biehn.
If you select the Brotherhood of Nod, your character, Slavik, will be played by Frank Zagarino.
To evacuate civilians, you should first remove sam-sites guarding air
GDI Mammoth Mk II surrounded by Nod assault vehicles.
Vega's base is well protected, from air and ground attacks
retrieving Hammerfest GDI base in north Europe
First, somewhat introductory, mission with GDI. Note that in lower resolution you'll see less items on the right production bar.
These trucks carry either money or medical equipments. Both seem useful to get.
GDI and Nod forces struggle in a race to seize the alien technology.
KANE LIVES IN DEATH!!! The execution of traitor Hassan is inevitable.
Nod train station at night.
The entire base is stealth thanks to the captured Nod stealth generator.
The last stop for destruction of the three Tiberium concentrated missiles.
Nod buggy, soon to be squashed by Mammoth MkII.
Hassan's last hiding place.
Searching for survivors.
Nod artillery leveling down the civilian hospital.
Reinforcements have arrived.
Nod forces against the GDI prototype walking tank, Mammoth Mk II.
Target - marked!
Some of the old structures from the original C&C game, the first tiberium war, over 30 years ago.
Dreadful Mammoth tanks still working after 30 years. Not as powerful as once were, though.
During installation you can to revise your memories of the original C&C.
Mission selection / Briefing
During an Ion Storm, lightnings can damage your units and buildings.
Watching the NOD news.
Units gain experience and grow stronger by killing enemies.
That dam is our mission target.
General James Solomon (James Earl Jones)
This scene shows the GDI earth orbit based command centre.
Find those hidden crates and you will get money or your units repaired.
You can harvest two sorts of Tiberium and Weed, which is used for Tiberium missiles.
A group of ten GDI Disruptors destroying the remaining buildings of a NOD base.
Firestorm defense activated.
Umagon and the Ghost Stalker are liberating prisoners.
GDI Titans
A group of Cyborgs are chasing a Titan. After the battle, you should leave the Cyborgs in a Tiberium field to regenerate health.
Shooting with the Ion Cannon at the NOD pyramid.
Setting up a game with AI bots.

Official Screenshots

  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Screenshot
    Riki cover CD, April 1998
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Screenshot
    Riki cover CD, April 1998
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Screenshot
    Riki cover CD, April 1998