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Commandos 2: Men of Courage Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
Mission start
The overhead map is very useful
The green arc is the soldier's sight
Ahhhhh! They got me!
Thinking a way how to get to your pinned-down comrades up there.
Allied versus axis soldiers.
This time, action takes place indoors just as well.
Controlling seductress wearing german uniform.
Checking out the mission objectives.
Dogs don't have second thoughts when they spot you so you gotta be extra careful.
In order to steal the sub, you have to dispose of any nearby guards that would sound the alarm.
Looking inside the house opens a small 3d indoor picture with available rotation fitting your position.
Green beret, parachuting at your command.
This tank driver may have heard me, but thanks to the wall in between, I'll run spotless.
As detailed as levels are the short cinematics in between missions.
In arctic climate you must wear protective suit or you won't survive for long.
You can zoom in/out the map much to your preference.
German recon plane well guarded.
It is good thing to pick up german rifle, as it takes a single shot to kill.
Sniper is both silent and deadly.
Leaning against the wall gives you extra cover even if enemy looks right at you.
Incoming squad of enemy troopers is surprised to find lots of their comrades lying dead.
This time, missions will take place on pacific front as well.
Bridge over river Kwai, just like in the movie.
Crossing the river full of alligators on an elephant.
This train's about to cross the bridge... and go kaboom!
Underwater rescue of imprisoned allied soldiers.
The island that holds the key to the victory in Guadalcanal.
Main menu (English version)
Enemy soldiers are keeping in good shape
Full zoom out on the tropical island
Watch out for enemy divers with harpoons
Japanese carrier
US fighters are trying to sink the enemy carrier
Fighting through the city ruins
Lots of enemy troops are guarding the Eiffel Tower