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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Slipcase - Premier Collection release (Germany):
    Commandos 3: Destination Berlin it der dritte Teil der legendären Commandos-Reihe der Pyro Studios.

    Nie war Ihr Auftrag gefährlicher: Führen Sie Ihre Männer im Rahmen dreier groß angelegten Kampagnen tief in das Hinterland des Feindes. Bezwingen Sie die Deutschen an den Stränden der Normandie und in den Ruinen Stalingrads. Im deutschen Hauptquartier in Berlin kommt es zu entscheidenden Finale. Ihre Männer sind die besten Soldaten der Alliierten - sind Sie ein würdiger Kommandeur?

  • Mehr Action denn je: Brandneue Schauplätze und dynamische Einsatzziele halten Ihre Männer auf Trab.
  • Erledigen Sie mit Ihren sechs Männern drei gefährliche Aufträge, jeder unterteilt in mehrere Missionen und tragen Sie maßgeblich zum Sieg der Alliierten bei.
  • Bereiten Sie Ihre Männer mit dem neuen Tutorial-System auf die bevorstehenden Aufgaben vor.
  • Multiplayer Deathmatch für bis zu 12 Spieler.

  • Contributed by Patrick Bregger (256746) on Apr 14, 2009.

Back of Keep Case - UK Release:
    Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is the third installment in the legendary tactical strategy series from Pyro Studios.

    Prepare to take the Commandos on their deadliest mission yet as you venture deep into enemy territory across three extensive campaigns. From the ruins of Stalingrad through Nazi occupied central Europe and onto the beaches of Normandy, your men must use their skills to confound the enemy. The Commandos are the best the Allies have - are you fit to lead them?

  • More action than ever before: Completely new environments and dynamic mission objectives keep your squad on their toes!
  • Take your team of six Commandos through 3 varied campaigns - each one vital to the outcome of WW2.
  • An all new tutorial system will make sure that your men are fully trained and ready for action.
  • Multiplayer Deathmatch for up to 12 players.

    Contributed by MAT (218651) on Jul 06, 2004.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    "Some nice interface additions, engaging and fun for the most part, multiplayer, visual improvements and voice acting make it the most atmospheric Commandos game yet;. 85%" -

    "From a visual standpoint and in terms of the musical soundtrack, Commandos 3 comes off as a lot more professional, engaging and atmospheric than any of its predecessors. The new particle effects system works marvelously; weather effects and the explosions look spectacular, and the isometric 2D backgrounds are just as detailed and well designed as they were in the previous games." -

    "for those who are up to it, there's a serious challenge in store. If pressed to name one specifically admirable aspect, it would have to be balance. An initial glance at each level usually reveals seemingly insurmountable odds... but there's nothing that can't be done, given the inclination to stick it out." -

    "All in all this looks like it is going to be a huge step forward for the series and one that we can’t wait to get our hands on in October!" -

    " had to dedicate all of my time to playing it in order to finish those hard missions. The most important thing for me was that no other game really managed to transpose so well in a virtual universe, the drama that Commandos evokes without any trace of a doubt. 87%" -

    " Commandos 3: Destination Berlin stands up as a fine World War II strategy game. Even with its flaws, it’s a solid action title that combines raw action with complex puzzles and problem-solving techniques to create a nice round title. Don’t buy it for its multiplayer, and don’t buy it as "free time" game, and don’t buy it looking for a gripping story, and you’ll be perfectly satisfied." -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on May 17, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    COMMANDOS 3: DESTINATION BERLIN is a game of real-time tactics that places you in command of an elite unit of Special Forces behind enemy lines. From the shores of France to the heart of the Third Reich, strike fast from land or sea with your small squad of guerrilla fighters, infiltrating hostile territories and conducting raids to disrupt the German war machine

  • Engage the enemy across Europe, from the Eastern front of Stalingrad, to the Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin, to the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach, each offering unique tactical situations and more action than ever before in the series.
  • Navigate detailed interior and exterior environments with completely new situations including ambushes, assaults, timed missions and level bosses.
  • Prepare your commandos for a variety of strategies as enemy bombing raids destroy and alter the surrounding environment, requiring you to change your tactics on the fly.
  • Utilize ambush tactics, stealth, sabotage, and demolitions to disrupt enemy advances.
  • Test your skills head-to-head with up to 8 other players via LAN and Internet.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on May 17, 2004.