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Main Menu (Tutorials shows you info about the each soldier and what he can do, and also consists of couple of training sessions)
Intro just shows the real WWII happenings, like in original game.
Main Menu
With you commando you can now even push things such as wagons.
You can even force nazi soldiers to obbey you within a range you can threat them.
Now you'll be able to hand-cuff an enemy soldier and steal his uniform with your spy.
Missions can now be played in two modes: easy and/or hard.
Once unconscious, you can hand-cuff the soldier and use puppet icon to make him follow your orders.
Blue field shows the radius in which your soldier can see nazi soldier you control. Once that field is broken, enemy soldier will sound the alarm.
Blowing up the barracks!
Watch out in the zoo as there can be some very dangerous animals.
You must rescued the captive before the firing squad do their job. And you must do it silently.
When dressing nazi uniform, you'll be able to move freely, but some soldiers can still see the deception, so be on alert.
You'll soon realize lions are much more formidabble foes then nazi soldiers. You'll have to be quick and stealthy, and yet without a sound not to sound the alarm.
Starting the mission on an island of Crete, you'll have to first exit the church without anyone noticing you.
Splitting screen and using cameras may prove highly effective, but it's just too much for my humble focus, hehe.
Even when fully zoomed out, some maps won't fit the entire screen.
This highly destructive cannon must not aid Wehrmacht against allied invasion on Italy.
Some small city in France, where you must reach the villa where Colonel von Below is hiding.
You must capture von Below alive, very tricky mission, 'cos at the sound of alarm he's gonna run towards his car. Good idea would be to push or drive his car away ;))
Since you stolen the uniform to one of the nazi soldiers, when his comrades untie him, he'll be running half naked into the barracks, hehe.
German's last resort is the usage of an advanced technology in the air.
Destroying the prototype crafts is the primary mission. Survival comes secondary.
Watch it, 'cos the soft sand leaves footsteps... though they disappear in time.
Even though resolution fits 1024x768, you can zoom in almost to 320x240 feeling.
Sneaking past the armored train
Escaping in a stolen jet plane
The female spy is only available shortly on the very last mission

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