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Connections Credits


Created byJames Burke

For Discovery Channel Multimedia

Executive ProducerMichael Heasley
Associate ProducerMolly Olsen
Director, Planning and DevelopmentTodd Harrison
Marketing CoordinatorGreg Marcus
Technology ManagerDave Harmon
Coordinator, TechnologyRima Hinnawi
Coordinator Product TestingRima Hinnawi
PublisherThomas A. Porter (credited as Tom Porter)
General ManagerThomas A. Porter (credited as Tom Porter)
Vice president, Entertainment GroupLiddy Manson
Director and Executive Producer, Entertainment GroupHarry Moxley
Vice President, Family GroupEric Eggleton
Vice President, Explorations GroupTom Burke

For SOME Interactive

Game DesignersJeff Cretcher, Joel Skidmore
Additional Game DesignJeff Dewey, Michael Heasley (credited as Mike Heasley)
WritersJeff Cretcher, Joel Skidmore
Project ManagerJeff Dewey
DirectorJeff Cretcher
Senior ArtistChip Brietweiser
3D ArtistsTulio Hernandez (credited as Tulio 'Tuls' Hernandez), Jim Citron, Joel Hornsby
Egyptian Level 3D Images byMoving Media
Lead 2D ArtistLoo Lin
2D ArtistsElissa Cline, Letia 'Aces' Lewis, Karyn Metlen, Colin Chen, Kelly Reckamp, Noel Molina
Digital VideoJeff Cretcher, Ron Pereira, Thomas Grasseschi, Paul Folger, David Dodge
Lead ProgrammerJoel Skidmore
ProgrammersJeff Dewey, Colin Chen, Henry Sobel
MusicAlfred Owens (Motion Music)
Audio EffectsRon Pereira
Associate ProducerKim Goeller
Asset ManagerThomas Grasseschi
HintsMolly Olsen
Video ProducerNaomi De Castro
Director of PhotographyJoe Victoria
GafferAlan Steinheimer
Tape/UltimatteJames Dunn
GripDavid Shippy (credited as David 'Skippy' Shippy)
WardrobeJan Edwards
Make‑upLyn deMoss
Production AssistantsMichelle Pahl, Jonathan Reap, Seth Agress
PropsJonathan Reap
StageGolden Gaters Productions
Video EquipmentHytone Productions
CateringChery Corshen, Zocalo
StarringJames Burke (as James Burke)
CastMelinda Bach, Naomi De Castro, Paul Collett, John David, Jennifer Davis, J. S. Gilbert, Carol Goodrich, Joseph Guidace, Rick Haffner, Franklin Harris, Mai Huynh, Brian Leonard, Cece Levinson (credited as Cec Levinson), Dennis Ludwick, Susan Martino, Liam Mayclem, Nicholas McBurney, Pat McCulloch, Stuart Miller, Lisa Morse, Lory Ringuette, Christopher Upham, Brian A. Vouglas (credited as Brian Vouglas), Michael Zebulon
Acme DrawbridgeKim Goeller, Jeff Dewey, Tulio Hernandez (credited as Tulio 'Tuls' Hernandez), Jim Citron, Chip Brietweiser, Elissa Cline, Letia Lewis, Loo Lin, Karyn Metlen, Ron Pereira, Henry Sobel

For Discovery Multimedia

Senior Coordinator, Production and PlanningAndrea Heidel
Production Assistant, Entertainment GroupTom Ham
Marketing CoordinatorLisa Costa

For Discovery Multimedia: Sales and Distribution

Director, Sales and Distribution, North AmericaSteve Nurme
Director, Sales and New Business DevelopmentCatherine Billon
Manager, Sales OperationsAmy Auchincloss
Coordinator, Sales OperationsAmy Cook
Coordinator, Inside SalesEmily Deutsch
Coordinator, Sales OperationsDenise Lechtenberger
Manager, Eastern Regional SalesMaureen O'Donnell
Manager, Western Regional SalesDan Carlson
Manager, North Central Regional SalesPaula Van Roon
Manager, South Central Regional SalesTom Weeks
Coordinator, New Business DevelopmentNadia Saah
Manager, Strategic Hardware/OEM SalesMichelle Chodor
Manager, Sales, New York MarketsNick Psaltos
Manager, International SalesPamela Mitchell

For Discovery Multimedia: Marketing

Vice President, New BusinessTom Burke
Manager, Retail MarketingAndrea Roberson
Senior Manager, Product MarketingValerie Rice
Senior Manager, Consumer MarketingChristine Alvarez
Coordinator, Trade MarketingMichelle Shableski
Coordinator, Consumer MarketingHope Elliott

For Discovery Multimedia: Communications

Director, CommunicationsVicki Stearn
Manager, CommunicationsSerge Delpierre
Coordinator, CommunicationsMichael Manning

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Jeff Cretcher, 7 other games
James Burke, 6 other games
Harry Moxley, 6 other games
Brian Leonard, 5 other games
Ron Pereira, 5 other games
Tom Burke, 4 other games
Thomas Grasseschi, 4 other games
Lisa Costa, 4 other games
Joe Victoria, 4 other games
James Dunn, 4 other games
Todd Harrison, 4 other games
Rima Hinnawi, 4 other games
Joel Skidmore, 3 other games
Noel Molina, 3 other games
Liddy Manson, 3 other games
Joel Hornsby, 3 other games
Michael Zebulon, 3 other games
Stuart Miller, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (166040) and Indra was here (20912)