Conspiracies Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The future of Greece as seen on the title page.
Choices abound on the main menu.
Nick Delios, our hero. What charisma.
Nick's bad day starts with him losing everything at the casino.
Nick's apartment comes complete with beer case table and sentient plant.
You think she looks flat now? Wait until you see her FMV "acting".
Conversations initially start with a few "three choice" options...
...if you make it through the choices, you can grill people on your full keyword list.
27 may seem like a lot of inventory spaces but consider that each of the six pieces of gum you need take up a full space.
Some of the best graphics are on the load screens. No, I'm serious.
Because Nick is an "Investigator" he can take anything not nailed down in this house without any consequences.
The map screen for area-to-area travel.
An extra benefit of making your own game world is that your garage band can play musical superstars.
Sewers, they aren't just for shooters anymore.
Using the "Interactive Console"
Another apartment - definitely more interesting than Nick's!
Travel by rocket to a Space Station
Find a common interest with this travel agent so she'll help you.
The time travel machine.
Nick's true love - Anita
An elaborately decorated hotel suite