Conspiracies Trivia (Windows)

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PC Gamer controversy

Following a savage review of Conspiracies (23% rating) in the January 2004 issue of PC Gamer, the CEO of Anima PPD-Interactive wrote a critical letter accusing the magazine of promoting style over substance. PCG took the rather unusual step of printing the letter and responding to it in their March 2004 issue.

We at Anima PPD-Interactive are new developers. Conspiracies is our first game, and it took us five years of development and our own funding. Do you believe that judging the game that hard is leaving us anything? The most likely thing that may occur is that we sell nothing in the U.S. and stop our efforts here. Is that what your magazine wants? Fewer independent developers?

Also, did you play the game till the end? You think there’s nothing worthwhile? Not even the story or the Puzzles? I think that you’re on the slope that Hollywood is on – lots of effects and explosions, but boring stories or no stories at all. Just kill, kill, kill. Of course I don’t say that our game is at the edge of technology , but all of the gamers that played our game up to now had a lot of fun. FMV games are very expensive to develop, and there aren’t many of this kind on the market anymore.

We’re very frustrated that you don’t count the story factor or human factor but only graphics and effects. As adventure gamers we feel that a game with a boring story and great graphics is worse than a game with a good story and poorer graphics.

We feel sorry that you’re not supporting us independent developers at all.

- Anestis Kokkinidis, Anima PPD-Interactive
Conspiracies’ reviewer Chuck “Meanie” Osborne, replies:
I’m not sure which is more surprising: That we’re supposed to award brownie points to independent developers, or that Conspiracies took five years to make. As I said in my review, I’d gladly play an all-text adventure game (and have!) if it had a great story and compelling puzzles. Sadly, Conspiracies received a 23% because of its confounding plot and pathetic gameplay. To answer your question: Yes, we enthusiastically support small developers – we just don’t support bad games.

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