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Advertising Blurbs game hub presentation of Cosmic Rift:
    Cosmic Rift is a multiplayer space action game where you take command of a star fighter and wage war with hundreds of other players. Choose from 13 different fighter craft that each have their own varying strengths and unique weapons. Immobilize your enemies in the Terran Hornet. Send energy bursts in all directions while commanding a Skithzar Kragath. Hide from teammates with your cloaking device piloting the Null A09. You will need to develop new strategies for each ship you play.

      Games To Play

    • Chaos Zone
      Play with up to 70 other combatants and attempt to destroy all enemies. This is the pure combat zone. You can join the public teams and fight along side new found allies, or you can create a private team of friends and work together to annihilate those who would dare stand against your force. Work your way up the Top 100 chart to become the Chaos King.

    • Super Fortress
      Super Fortress is an objective based game. At the start of a game, 8 objectives are randomly dropped on the Map. Objectives are "captured" by running over them. When a flag is captured, a 90 second timer starts counting down. Before the timer runs out, the player will want to bring that flag back to an ad hoc base in one of the many map structures. When the timer runs to 0, objective drops and cannot be picked up again. At that point the objective is "owned" by the players team. The player's teammates will try to defend the captured objectives in whatever structures they have been dropped in. When all objectives are captured, the team with all the objectives must HOLD them for a further 90 seconds, and if they do so, the holding team wins.

    • Seek & Destroy
      The object of the game is for your team to capture all the flags. Once you pick up a flag, you carry it until you are killed. You get flags by either finding them laying around (unlikely) or killing somebody who has them. You also have a 5 minute flag drop timer that will cause you to lose your flags unless you kill somebody to reset the timer. Flag carriers get triple points for kills. The reward for winning the game grows over time based on the amount of action in the game.

    • Conquest
      Conquest is a game whereby 2 opposing teams of 20 players each attempt to capture all the bases on the map. There are 5 bases to capture. A base is captured by running over the objective icon in the center of the base. Each base has a ring of 8 defensive turrets. These turrets will shoot at the team that DOES NOT currently own that base. The game lasts for 30 minutes. The game can be won by one of 2 ways, either by capturing all the bases and holding them for 45 seconds, or by having the MOST bases owned at the end of the game.

    • Rogue Trader
      In this open-ended game, you can choose how you want to play. Join a team and hunt for resources to sell in order to build up your ship with bigger and better weapons. Alternatively, build a base to help your teammates in their mining endeavors. If piracy is more your thing, form bands of hunting marauders and harvest the wreckage of enemy ships. Rogue Trader allows you to build your ship as you see fit, fight the other teams, or simply mine resources. The choice is yours.

    Contributed by Rwolf (16475) on Jul 02, 2019.