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Cosmology of Kyoto Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

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Ah enter the world and look into a mirror... A bit scrawny eh?
Just stealing the clothes from this bizzare corpse >_>
Much better :--D I guess...
First Sight of the city O_O
Strange Samurai
Samurai Fights Demon! Aiiieeeee!
Beggars in the Outer City
You wan't something?
Market Place
With the price of meat what it is...
Money Lender
The child dies for stopping a carriage...
!_! Who knew this would come from masquerading as an elected official...
But Demons Interrupt....
He looks nice enough... Wait thats a Demon!
Welcome to a Sphere of Hell
Hell Sphere: The Sphere of Hungry Demons
o_o Hungry little fellow aren't you!
Out of Hell but the Demons are still here! (By the way she used to be a skeleton)