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Cradle of Persia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and loading screen
Main menu
Levels map
Level 1
I have completed the level.
This is where you purchase buildings for your village/city.
I am buying a humble village.
The village is built.
New citizens! Because you have matched ten items after building a village, nomads have settled there. Dynamite will charge up faster.
I made a four-way match. The green items are treasure tokens. They can be used in place of another cell on the board.
I used a level 4 dynamite. Level 1 destroys one cell, level 2, five cells, level 3, thirteen cells.
You have earned the title of nomad and can play a bonus game.
The bonus game. You gave ten moves to replenish your bonuses.
I have completed all four of the first stage. I have built a village, a joiner, a spring and a city.
You have laid the foundation for Persia.
A new level with wands. Wands change regular cells into treasure cells. Level 1, five cells, level 2, seven cells, level 3, nine cells.