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Cradle Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Tutorial of the game is taking place in a dream
Reading a receipt for a meal to feed Ongots
A certain kind of the Buddhist altar
A bed looks old in this hi-tech world
A filthy kitchen
Carrying the bowl to the oven
Pouring a water into the cup
Making a fire
Walking to the nearest fruit trees at the ponds
Throwing a wooden branch to get the fruit
Looking at the way back from the pond
A some sort of Mongolian civilization
Picking up the knife
Cutting a fruit with the knife
Throwing the fruits into the boiling water
Getting the dry roots
Mortar and pestle in the action to stir the roots
The meal for Ongots is ready
Hi, Ongots!
This bird is not real, it is a robot
Reading the valuable notes from the tablet
A child's treasure was found
Talking with Ida
Gerbera Gardens is guarded with a fence
Finding a way to cross the fence
The black smoke is poisonous, so it should be avoided
Several playable pavilions are situated inside the dome
This head is unfriendly
A red box should be avoided, while playing with a boxes in the pavilions
Sliding in a pipe
Talking with Tabaha
Tabaha flies away in a tram
Analysing a quality of the flower
Making a copy of the flower to sell it
Throwing a purple box into the air shaft to collect 30 of them
Approaching the tram at the station
Making an solar battery to see the TV set
Watching a TV show
Walking on a perilous rod
A quite big moon
Tabaha is wearing a warm hat
Looking for a hidden marks near the grandpa's grave
Finding a secret key inside the postbox
Ready to reanimate Ida with lightning
Lightning gives another life
Real face of Ida back in time
Sending a valuable code back in time
People has saved their existence