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Crashday Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The vehicle selection screen, here the Lamborghini Countach has been renamed to the Judge due to licensing reasons :)
Main menu.
The wrecking match.
Viewing the race from the driver's head camera.
The cars have been nicely modeled.
Annihilate your opponents with weapons like minigun or rockets.
Some races are circuit-based, without the use of lethal weapons.
The police will try to catch you.
The stunt show.
Most circuits and tracks offer a good mix of off-road and tarmac surface.
Pass all the checkpoints on the track and be the first to finish the race.
There are also the stunt tracks where you can roam freely around and reach for the sky to get the most points.
In this game the player has the option of modifying technically and visually his/her ride: even some bizarre customizations are possible as this Honda CR-X with off-road wheels!!! :)
The more tricks you perform in a row, the higher your combos will be rewarded.
Racing in the stunt track against opponents will have you in heat, as you have to gather a higher score than your opponent's in a pre-set time period.
Track editor.
There's a big variety of missions: here is the bomb run, where the player has to run through a route of various checkpoints without loosing a nominal speed which increases by the checkpoints he pass.
Performing stunts is exciting and a difficult task if one wants to score high.
Pick up the flag from the course or steal it by ramming the flag holder.
Bring down your enemies, whatever it takes!
As with most racing games the same formula applies here as well: good cars get unlocked late!
Trying to avoid the cops! Every car has it's own handling, so if you want to do a good job you better drive them properly.
Impress the audience with insane jumps.
The highlight of CrashDay is its exciting destruction derbys.
Customize your car.
Your car blows up...with you in it...
CrashDay offers the most spectacular and exciting explosions.
Use the nitro boost to gain extra speed.
The player can use the mini-gun mounted on the side of the vehicle to destroy opponents.
Or blow them to pieces with missiles.
The long jump.
More often they'll get you if you're not swift enough.
A bomb run event. Your vehicle blows up as you drive slower than the minimum speed.
The end of a destruction derby. You have to destroy a set amount of vehicles in order to complete this type of race.
damaged car
The Dodge Ram look-alike
The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 look-alike
The Pontiac Firebird look-alike