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Crazy Chicken: Invasion Credits


Created byFrank Ziemlinski, Michael Bohne
Project Management byMichael Zoll, Harald Riegler
Lead ProgrammerMaik Guntermann
Additional ProgrammingMattias Gustavsson, Gerhard Seiler
Main Character Design byFrank Ziemlinski, Ernst Weber
Lead AnimationsErnst Weber
Backgrounds & ObjectsFlorian Schmoldt
Additional Game ObjectsMicha Kraziewicz
Beam Effects & MenusMichael Bohne
Moorhuhn Retro ProjectStefan Wurzer
Intro RealizationThomas Schüer
Music and Sound byNils Fritze
Quality Assurance byThorsten Stranegger, Till Boos, Marc Bethke, Florian Bützler, David Hopmann, Benjamin Körner, Dominik Porten

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Credits for this game were contributed by rallen (54)