Crazy Chicken: Kart 2 (Windows)

Crazy Chicken: Kart 2 Screenshots

Windows version

Title and main menu screen
Only winning several championships you can access to highest power class
Selecting your character
"Moorhuhn X" track
Inside the farms
Racing in "Moorhuhn X" track
Running on "The Island"
Racing on the beach
crossing the canyon on the "The Island" track
"Egypt" track
The temple area in "Egypt" track
Inside the caves
Entering the pyramid
"Winter" track
Using the shield
Crossing under the bridge
Multiplayer selection screen
The only way to access the second championship !
Four new tracks in the second championship
The factory is a hard track with a lot of traps
Flying over the pipes
"The mine", another track from the second championship
Entering on "The Mine" tunnels
Second position on the mines track
"The Castle" track
Entering the village
Driving on the village
"The swamps", a difficult track
Entering the swamp tower
In the swamps you can go out of the track very easy
The main menu - French release
There's a rolling demo in the background which is why the base colour of this screenshot differs from the previous menu shot
The game configuration screen - French release
The supported screen resolutions are 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
The high score table: French release
There are separate tables for each engine size and each game mode