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Creatures Village Credits

at Creature Labs

ProducerBen Simpson
DesignBen Simpson, Jonathan Skuse
Additional DesignDavid Bishop, Ben Gonshaw, The Creatures Village Team
Senior/Lead ProgrammerAlima Adams
ProgrammingMark Bennett
Lead Agent EngineeringJonathan Skuse
Agent EngineeringBen Gonshaw, Kirsty Trigg
Genetic EngineeringHelen Burchmore
Art DirectionDarren Thomas
3D ArtistsDarren Thomas, Oliver Dunn, Ruthine Burton, Colin Swinbourne, Nigel Brownjohn, Matthew Jeffery, Andy Dyson
Introduction Sequence ModellingDarren Thomas, Oliver Dunn
Neuroscience and Brain RemodellingGavin Buttimore
Music (in game and introduction sequence)Peter Chilvers
Sound EffectsJonathan Skuse, Ben Gonshaw, Kirsty Trigg
Additional Prototyping and DevelopmentGavin Buttimore, Mark Bennett
QA Supervisor at Creature LabsPaul Dobson (yeah run that by me again)
QA Testers at Creature LabsPaul Dobson, Peter Morrish, Greg Brown
Marketing TeamLisa de Araujo, Gill Collins, Darren Cantell
Manual and Help FilesBen Simpson, Lis Morris, Gill Collins
Development DirectorIan Saunter
Marketing DirectorHoward Newmark
Special Thanks ToIan Saunter, Howard Newmark, Lisa de Araujo, Darren Cantell, David Bishop, Ashley L. Bushore, Stephen Grand, Ian Saunter, Toby Simpson, Christopher Bamford, Burwell Primary School, Angie Simpson (for her patience and understanding)
Play TestersSharla Swinbourne (aged 8), Laura Saunter (aged 13), Jamie Saunter (aged 10), Siobhan Pigott (aged 7)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76455) and formercontrib (159008)