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Crime Scene Manhattan: The Real Car-Shooter Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu (German version)
Mission briefing (German version)
Loading screen
Every mission is preceded by a short story segment told in visual-novel style. (German version)
Getting to know the town.
One of the additional camera perspectives. Note that whoever put the decals on the cab did a very poor job.
Exceptional jumps and stunts are shown in cinematic slow-motion, like in Grand Theft Auto.
Crime Scene's rendition of the Times Square. Yes, that's a blue screen of death.
Driving around the boss in his prototype sports car.
The police have already taken a few good shots at my car.
That's the U.N. headquarters to the left.
Passing a market in Chinatown. There's a weapons pick-up as well.
Destroyed cars tend to lose their wheels, which continue rolling down the street.
Did Gloria switch sides?
Making good use of the board cannon.
That's what I call an adequate calibre.
The machine gun tends to leave a few casings behind. Chinatown up ahead.
This mission was a success!
This is the red-light district. Can you tell?
And all the cars go boom! Check out the one up in the sky.
Picking up Gloria's friend Hermes from a parking garage.
Re-visiting the United Nations, offending every nation but Algeria.
One of the multi-player modes pits bank robbers against cops. Can you guess which side this one represents?