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Crime Stories: From the Files of Martin Mystère Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
It's not nice to wake up someone from a nightmare
Martin talking to his comic writer on the phone
What's the first thing a man does upon exiting the bedroom -- cry out a woman's name
Talking to your best friend Java is no different than talking to a wall
New York city map
Martin's house is stocked with stuff, but neat and tidy nonetheless
As can be seen, Martin's a huge fan of the books, the older they are, the better
Calling your cellphone to see where you left it
Looks like your friend Java forgot something in your car
Arriving at the crime scene... with some journalists skulking... professionally, of course
Talking to inspector Travis who called you to help him with his case
Questioning forensics to see what they found out thus far
There's always a bonzo in a game that makes your work harder than it already is
Something tells me this is the key I need to open the chest in this room
Browsing through the comics section, there's Dylan Dog, Tex Willer, Mar... ;)
Your house looks much bigger from the inside which is opposite to what applies to your car
At the place of the murder, searching for some clues
Martin and Java arriving at hot and sunny Veracruz in Mexico
A-ha, this map will tell me the whereabouts of the professor
In the deepest of jungle, you can hear birds, stream, and Java grunting
At the dig site
Martin telling some fancy lies about his recent adventure to his wife
There's nothing like using a good old hunter's trick while searching for clues
Hm, this phone seems to have some of the keys worn out
Adding humorous remarks while exploring the museum
Questioning Erika about the professor
Entering the Blue Rose nightclub
Well, well, what's the journalist lady doing in this club... can she be following you around or is it just a mere coincidence
Turn the column reels to open secret passage
Aztec 's chamber to perform a TRIP (in Russian)
Martin's soul is visiting his home
Playing as Diana
Diana in Uben's flat
Diana saved Martin Mystere and Alexander Uben (in Russian)
Jenna found Martin in secret laboratory (in Russian)
Martin in beggar's body (in Russian)
Mr. Jinx threatens (in Russian)
Bonus Artwork (unlocked materials)