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Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4617)
Written on  :  Jul 21, 2004
Rating  :  1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars

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Lousiest driving game I've EVER played, I swear

The Good

Nice subject, as ambulance drivers are sadly underappreciated, textures are decent

The Bad

Just about everything else. The viewpoints available don't give you enough control over the driving, as they're too high or too low or too far back. The controls are horrible as you can't even steer properly. These ambulances handle like PREGNANT ELEPHANTS. The game don't even let you hold down two keys at once, despite being based on the standard Lithtech engine! And who's ever heard of using the handbrakes in an ambulance for a power turn? The time limits given are unrealistic due to the horrible driving interface. Different patients may have to go to different hospitals, but they don't tell you who needs to go where until that guy's "selected" in the ambulance. The whole game is just a joke.

The Bottom Line

Ambulance Driver is a cheap clone of Crazy Taxi, where you pick up people and drop people off at various destinations. AD added a few tricks, such as ability to keep multiple parties in the vehicle, but overall it's the same gameplay... Go from here to there in minimum amount of time.

Graphics are decent but a bit behind the times. It is tolerable for budget title.

Sound is berable if underwhelming. The sirens are okay, but there are no engine sounds and no city sounds. There's a bit of pedestrian sounds like when you barely miss one (Hey! Watch it!) or when you hit one (Ooof!) but otherwise the game is pretty quiet.

The viewpoints offered in the game are horrible, and it defaults to third-person over the tail view that's so high you can't see much in front of you. And who would use the CTRL key to switch viewpoints? You also cannot specify a default viewpoint, but must switch every time you play. None of the viewpoins are useful enough to drive by.

The ambulances handle like pregnant elephants. They simply do NOT move in the direction you wish to. There is also a problem of not being able to turn and accelerate at the same time, as apparently the keyboard reading routine doesn't work right, which is strange as the game is based on the standard Lithtech engine.

Despite the seriousness of your job, the rest of the game is a cartoon. You can crash into cars and lampposts and houses all you want. The ONLY problem you'll have is if you hit pedestrians, then you better stop and pick up that victim as well and take him/her to a hospital.

The problem is then when there are multiple hospitals in the area, and some victims need to go to a specific one, thus making routing even more hectic.

All in all, Ambulance Driver is a failed attempt to copy Crazy Taxi, as it fails to be either realistic or a game, but rather an odd mixture of both, with horrible controls.