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Croc 2 Credits (Windows)

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Croc 2 Credits

Credits - Fox Interactive

ProducerDavid Stalker
Senior Associate ProducerChris Miller
Associate ProducerPaul Pawlicki
QA ManagerDavid Ortiz
QA LeadRed Magpantay, Ben Borth
Fox Test GroupAron Ahles, Eric Asevo, Sweet Billy, Francis Choi, Ryan Dowling, Michael Dunn, Judd Hollander, Igor Krinitskiy, Young Park, Don Sexton, Chris A. Wilson, Daan Wisehart, Brian Zenns
Special ThanksPriscilla Bourbonnais, John D'Agostino, James Deverill, Angela Edwards, Joe C. Finetti, Steve Fitton, Lisa Fox, Andrea Griffiths, Simon Harris, Maria Hernandez, Claudine Joris, Rebecca Kneubuhl, Tina Kowalewski, Susie Mar, Scott Marcus, Moore and Price Design Group, Megan O'Brien, Paul Provenzano, Jon Richmond, Jamie Samson, Dave Shaw, Gary Sheinwald, Stephanie Yoshimoto

Argonaut Software

Executive ProducersJeremy Sands (Jez San), Keith Robinson
Team Leader and ProgrammingLewis Gordon
Lead ProgrammerAnthony Lloyd
Lead ArtistMichael Hanrahan
Lead DesignerNic Cusworth
Lead MusicianJustin Scharvona
ProgrammingAaron Fothergill, Nik Hemmings, David McEwen, Angeline Stromberg, Jonathan Wolff
Tools ProgrammingDan Laufer, James Boulton
Sound ProgrammingRichard Griffiths
ArtworkWayne Billingham, Nathan Burlow, Christophe Moyne, Emma Page
AnimationPeter Day, Lisa Springett, Eoin Coughlan, Neil Crosbourne, Owen Jenkins
DesignMark Stephenson, Nick Rodriguez
MusicKarin Griffin
Sound EffectsAdam Fothergill
MusiciansNoel Langley (Trumpet), Simon Gosling (Guitars), Gita Langley (Violin)
Voice TalentJonathan Aris
Lead TesterJake Fearnside
Special ThanksSimon Keating, Tom Nettleship, John Edelson, Charles Rendell

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (27024)