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Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3 Windows Area 1 instructions


Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3 Credits

26 people (22 developers, 4 thanks)


Zero Entertainment isBen Sharpe, Russell Ginns, Peter Heinrich, Nathan Dwyer
Special guest artistBob Lindenmeyer
Marketing entityJoe Valencia
Life SupportFat House Industries
Extra-BetatestrialsJulia, Fire Tiger, Trevor Graw, Serpent, Sean Vincent, David S. Robinson, Torianna Reedy, A.J., Mathew Gancarz, Regault, Pete Diaz, Michael Albert, Micah Whipple, Brie Gyncild, Jeff Malenfant
Super Special Thanks ToVirginia Lee Sharpe, Christian De Lay, Lisa Ginns, Angie Jones

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